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Current Rolling Stone--4 Stars

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Sorry if this is posted somewhere else--I didn't see it anywhere. Just got my new issue of RS and there is a 4-star review with a big picture on the first page of the "Reviews" section. I can't find it online or I would have posted the link. Memorable quotes: "one of the greatest live American bands", "Mike Campbell wielding his steady weapon, a '59 Les Paul SUnburst", "Steve Ferrone and Ron Blair's blues-train shuffle", "the way Scott Thurston's harp dogs the guitars", and my fave, "you don't get that kind of cool with Pro Tools and Auto Tune--it takes a great band, playing as one, for the toughest audience in the world: itself."

The whole article is positive with comparisons to every rocker or band, but also to Exile on Main Street because of all the "sly-intuitive details", like Tench's raindrop accents on Trip to Pirate's Cove, and that extra beat of "smoldering silence" before the chorus in Lover's Touch. (I love both of those "details", too!

I'll keep looking online for it, but I can scan it if it's not online.


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