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Dear Family and Friends of Cozy’s:

Some of you probably already know but for those of you that don’t know, I am selling Cozy’s and the transfer of ownership will take place any day now. The new ownership and management have scheduled themselves the following acts for June. (SEE BELOW)

On March 22, 1996 I opened my club in hopes of bringing some of the best entertainment and eats to a small intimate venue that truly cared about music, mainly Blues. I modeled my club to look and feel like a club you might find in Austin Texas as I was turned on to the Blues by the late great and never forgotten Stevie Ray Vaughan. After hearing the song Scuttle Buttin’ for the first time I was hooked! I learned about the blues back in 1980 after I learned of Stevie’s own influences and then sought out myself the greats like Albert King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy and of course Hendrix, just to name a few. Stevie Ray Vaughan was the reason I opened Cozy’s in the first place, in hopes of carrying on the Blues Torch, not an easy task as it is a dying art. Sorry to say but it is the truth.

Thanks to all the great people that ever walked through our front door (not the back!) and patronized my establishment.

It’s a very tough business to be in but I have no regrets. I was very blessed to have met my beautiful wife Amy at Cozy’s one weekend night. At first glance, I turned to bartender Michelle and said “I’m gonna merry her one day!” I was right (for once!) and we've been blessed to have two wonderful kids Connor (6) and Paulina (2.5).

I would like to personally thank some of the great musicians that have graced our stage over the years: Denny Freeman, Smokey Wilson, Honeyboy Edwards & Michael Frank, Roy Gaines, Arthur Adams, Eric Sardinas, Anthony Gomes, Hadden Sayers (one of my personal favorites), Dave Gonzalez & The Paladins, Hacienda Brothers, Kim Wilson, Kid Ramos, The Buddaheads and Alan Mirikitani, Lance Lopez (One Bad Mother-F!), Rod Piazza and Honey, Café R&B (Bill and Roach), Earl Thomas (He played my wedding! What a voice!), Billy Vera (Thanks for singing “At This Moment” on my wedding day!), Sugaray (Thanks for helping out when we needed you!), John Marx & The Blues Patrol, Teresa James & Terry Wilson, Tucker & Thomas, Don & Dewey (Thanks for the incredible memories! Rest in Peace Boys), The Scarletts, Lucky Peterson, Tommy Castro, Brother Juke Logan, Guitar Shorty (A true friend forever), Lil’ Ed, Harry Gold, Michael Burks, Alan & Crossfire, James Gadson (Greatest R&B/Blues Drummer of All-Time! Sings with the BEST!), Jeff Jensen, Candye Kane (A Survivor!), Louisiana Red (Thanks for your smile and great memories! Rest in Peace my Blues Brother), Gashouse Dave (RIP), Duke Robillard, Teddy Morgan (Another personal favorite of mine), Kal David, Lee Rocker, Rick Holmstrom, Rob Rio, Finis Tasby, Joe Houston, Jimmy Thackery, Spencer Davis, Phillip Walker, Mickey Champion (Your one of the few that could make me cry with your voice and passion!), Jubu, Tom Fillman, Preston Smith, Max Bangwell (Thanks for the love!), Tommy Kay, Gary Primich (RIP), My friend Stevie Gurr (Thanks for being there!), James Norton (Always a friend to Cozy’s. Rest in Peace), Ernie Payne (RIP), Bill Lynch, Delgado Brothers, Mason South, Rick Vito, Floyd Dixon (Rest in Peace), B.J. Sharp, King Earnest (Rest in Peace), Lester Butler (Rest in Peace), J.J. Bad Boy Edwards (Rest in Peace), Miss Lavelle White, Top Jimmy (Rest in Peace), Lazy Lester, Cal Green (RIP), Johnny Turner, Marc Goldberg, & Lester Chambers. Just to name a few….Also thanks for your artwork that graced our walls, Ilse! Thanks to ‘Real Deal’ Blues D.J.’s Leo Schumaker at KCSB, Bobby Zeno at KPFK and Ann The Raven. Our friends The Lambkin’s (Thanks for your generosity and kindness).

Sorry if I didn’t mention someone. I hired over 1000 bands over the years! 5000+ shows! What a ride!!!

I’d also like to thank Special Guest Performances by : Jimmy Vaughan, Johnny Rivers, Slash (Thanks for making Cozy’s your home), Roger Daltrey (3 Who Songs in one night!!!), Stevie Wonder (30 minute set!!!), Jim Carrey, Jim Belushi, Bruce Willis, Bonnie Raitt (New Years Eve!), Taj Mahal, Ike Turner, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Joe Bonamasa, Vivian Campbell, Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs, David Carridine, Pat Dinizio and Snuffy Walden just to name a few.

Thanks to my staff over the 14+ years that really cared! Special Thanks to my ‘main man’ Mo (my friend & manager), Walker (my friend from the very beginning), Turbo (best Chef I ever had), Skip, Maurice, Jeff, my amigo Humberto and Big AL (RIP). I could always count on you. What else can you ask for…Love you guys! Also thanks to Rick Morris for your being there and helping us when we needed it most. A very special thanks to my dear friend Hector Guzman for helping a friend when in need. I’m very grateful to you my friend! Words cannot express…And my dear neighbor and friend Jonathon Goldhill who once proved: “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Thank you all for your love and kindness! God Bless All Of You!

And as Gashouse Dave used to say after his gigs:“Be Good To Somebody!”

Sincerely Yours,

Steve Rakoczy

1996-2010 Cozy’s Proprietor

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