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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Highway Companions Club - FAQs

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Will I still be able to join the club after the presale starts? I won't have enough $ to until next wednesday. (The Nashville presale starts on the ninth)

"Q - When is the latest I can join The Highway Companions Club to be involved in the Internet ticket pre-sale?

A - Anyone who is a current member of the Highway Companions Club with a valid presale access code can participate when ticket presales take place but those who have been members prior to February 25, 2010 get the earliest opportunity to enter the presale. 'A Group Members' have access starting on the morning of Day 1 of the presale, 'B Group Members' have access from the morning of Day 2. (More on priority groups below). "

My guesses are that you can join anytime, and if you join prior to the start of the presale, you will get a code. If you are a former member, I think the deadline to renew and get into the A class was the 28th, so you'll be a B.

I don't know in this case if the pre-sale lasts a day, or goes until the general sale starts. If/when the pre-sale sells out, it's a moot point (see Marion's last post). It doesn't really say what happens if you join after the pre-sale starts, although it says, " 'B Group Members' have access from the morning of Day 2."

It's a tough question MJ

Tara, I concur about not having any warning, last I heard the membership was closed indefinitely last fall. I am on the mailing list, I and didn't get any notice that memberships were open again until the cutoff day when the tour was announced.

So what will we do for excitement when this all blows over? :031:

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I got this email today....hahahaha! happy-smiley-8833.bmp

Dear Marion,

As you may have heard, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are hitting the road this summer and have a new album coming out this spring called Mojo!

Members of the Heartbreakers’ official fan club, The Highway Companions Club, have the first crack at tickets and also get extra music and other cool stuff from the band.

If you aren’t a member of the club yet, there is still time to join and participate in the tour presales later this week. Click here to learn about the membership benefits and to join the club.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Highway Companions Club, the official fan club of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. The new fan club package will be available in just a few weeks. If you are not already a member, please enter your email in the space below to be notified as soon as the new package is available. Hope to see you back as a member soon!

Surprise Surprise :)

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