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The Dirty Knobs Live At Cozy's! - 03/13/2010

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Pawie, your pictures are amazing--so artistic! Thanks for posting!

Marcia--I would love to see your painting, too, if you don't mind. How great for you to talk to Mike and Marcie about it!


You can see it here:


or better still, click on "Marcia's Art Pages" in my sig, and you can see more of my paintings, including one I have started of Ape's Fender on the 'works in progress' page.

I can't wait until I have more free time - I have Mike's red Jag and Dick Dale's gold Frankenfender in line to start next:

"I got a head full of ideas

that are drivin' me insane" - Bob Dylan - 'Maggie's Farm'

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I love all the photos posted here. Lotta, yours are beautiful!

Marcia, I'm so glad you were able to show your painting. Cozy's makes quite a gallery, huh? Everyone loved it. Yes, hands are hard! You did an excellent job.

I just have a minute. My other photos will have to wait for the weekend. Here are a few.




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Thank you all, but I must confess it is mere luck when my pics come out this good.

It's like Christmas to look at them in the computer.

Ames, are those from you iPhone? They are great!! Smooth little thing, that phone.

I love all photos I have seen since the show. Everyone is posting photos full of love for this band and it's music and members.

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Sorry I haven't been back to post in this thread :o - I am actually a little embarrassed about the fuss everyone made about my panting,

you guys are just the best.:055:

Mike loved it, too - we spent a lot of discussing the details - he said it was a 'Capri' model, so now it has a proper name: Ric Capri. I hope he remembers me the next time he's in an art buying mood. :) Marcy really liked how well the hands were done, which is such a high compliment ('hands are hard' - right, Ames?).

Everyone's reaction really gives me encouragement to keep going, even though I'm not selling much. (Some of you took pictures in the pool room afterwords - not sure I want them posted here, but I'd like to see them)

Marcia --

Your paintings are gorgeous!

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grammer boo-boo

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Haven't had the chance to get on here and say what a wonderful night I had cause I've been sick since. But it truly was a great night of wonderful music, something that I really needed. Can't say much else as everyone has pretty much covered it all. It was nice though not to have to sit on the floor and have an actual seat! lol.

Marcia, I'll get that picture to you some time tonight :)

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