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weird monkey

1/16/10 - The Dirty Knobs-Duesenberg Guitars After NAMM Party

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The show was fabulous! They played a couple of new blues tunes, WOW! One of the songs that is becoming my favorite is Still Love You. Mike sings it with so much passion.

Here is the set list. It may be off a little. I just can't remember.

Loaded Gun

Walkin' Shoes

Strung Out



Love's Made A Fool Of You

Route 66

No Shoes

Love Is A Monster

Working Class Hero/Hide You Love

All She Wrote

Still Love You

Feelin' High

Feed The Snake

Mama Told Me


The last song was free form with special guests and they just made it up as they went along. Guests were Marc Ford, Peter Stroud and Brian Ray. It was very cool. It's a song without a name I guess.

Pictures and more thoughts later. Loved seeing everyone.

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Oh, and the Yogi Lonich band was great! They had special guest, Kenny Loggins come out and sing a few songs with them. Kenny did Footloose, Ain't No Mountain High Enough with a lady with a great voice, (I'm sorry, I can't remember her name) and Crossroads. Very cool!

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Here's some pics of the opening band and their guest, Kenny Loggins(!) I did some checking up on the musicians I didn't know much about, and Yogi Lonich is the guitarist for Chris Cornell (Soundgarden). I didn't quite catch the young lady's name either, Lois (?)? I didn't get a very good picture of Chris Rodriguez, but anyway, he plays regularly with Kenny, among many other greats.








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A band who needs no introduction...



I loved Mike's shirt, what a riot of color!


Brian May


Marc Ford and Brian May


Peter Stroud. This is kind of an awkward picture, if you were there you'll know why. (hint: Peter founded 65amp.)




I got to take a glance at the printed set list, and they don't always stick to it or play everything on the list, but toward the bottom was "Shake Mama", and no one seemed to recognize it, but we all pretty much agreed that they didn't play it last night. I am going to guess (based on the fact that I'm a Dylan fan), that it may have been "Shake Shake Mama" off Together Through Life. Well, it would be a fun song to see them do. :)

Thanks to Nathan, the Dirty Knobs, the musical guests, and everyone else who made it happen, plus it was great to see all the Farmers again and in a few cases, for the first time! Love to you all! :055:

PS I have more Knobs pictures I'll post later.

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That was a great show -thanks Knobs, Nathan and Linda! Nice to see everyone and great photos Marcia. ^ Steve that sucks and I'm sorry that happened to you! I hope it works out.

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I agree with Steve. I respectfully hope there will be a mend so that we can all move on.

Thanks to everyone that made this show possible and possible for me to attend. It was so much fun! The band sounded fantastic. It was fun to hear a great set list of new and old songs. And I agree with Marion about Still Love You. Mike's performance of it really moved me last night.

It was great fun to see Farmers at the show and especially to meet some for the first time. You guys make going to these shows even more special. And I missed those of you that were not there. I was thinking about you!

(I can't see the pics well on this tiny BB screen, so I will wait to get home to check them all out. And hopefully I will have one or two to post myself.)

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Thanks to everyone involved with this wonderful evening of music. The music was incredible. I agree Marion; the blues songs were great.

It was a very special evening, which supported a really great cause. We had our first glimpse of the Dirty Knobs 45. Yay! I can’t wait to play my pink record.

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Thank you Ames, yes that's her name: http://www.loismahalia.com/

Ooooh, Lotta! pixplzthx!

The band wasn't as informal as they are at the club shows, but that doesn't mean there weren't any shenanigans.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Ballroom...

The stage was dark as the band took the stage.

This is the first shot I took, as the band was plugging in:


Suddenly, Jason seems to realize that something just isn't quite right with his guitar:


Reunited with his old friend, the band is ready to start:


Steve, I am sorry to hear you have a conflict, but I am glad it doesn't keep you away from shows otherwise. It must really sting to miss something like this. You contributions are a part of the experience and it would be a shame if you took your pictures down.

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I'm so happy that everyone that attended had a great time and rocked out!

To see so many smiling faces while this band kicked ass...well...that says it all.

Thank you once again to the Knobs and Nathan Fawley for making this possible. :heart:

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Yesssss!!! These photos (and those Knobs) rock!!!!! Wow, Marcia...love Mike's shirt....very cool! Marion, thank you so much for the set list....missed you guys more than you will know but I was thinking about you all...thank you, guys, for coming back and sharing this awesome night with us....:heart:

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Man sounds like a fabulas night The pix are awesome

I miss seeing everyone....

Glad to The DKs getting reconition they deserve

Steve sorry about Your plight seems there's bullshit

everywhere just wipe yer shoes and hang in there

You can't stop a man from dreaming

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I have a few good shots I'll post later. But I thought this was funny. Marion's head is a lot of my shots...lol I love all the smiles Saturday night...


I won't post many because I know Lotta has some wonderful pix..

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