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Your Favorite TP&TH Cover Songs

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I've always liked "I'll feel a whole lot better". I've always liked the byrds version, and the writer Gene Clark, and I feel Tom helped to bring Gene some recognition, and generated some royalties for him, at a time when he needed it. Tom's version is close to the original arrangement, but he did the gtr riff longer in the verses making it easier to play and sing at the same time (for me anyway). My band plays this one fairly regularly and people still respond and dance to it.

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I've been combing through my bootlegs to pull out some rare covers that the band performed throughout the years. Am slowly posting these songs to YouTube; many of these were only performed once! Here are some, which have already been mentioned in this thread:


The Left Banke's "Pretty Ballerina" 1981-10-02 [performed 2 other times: 1981-09-18 and 19]


Shirley Ellis' "The Clapping Song" 2006-06-14 [only performance of the song]


Gram Parsons' "I Can't Dance" 1983-06-10 [only performance of the song]


Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone" 2000-10-28 [only performance of the song]


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