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The Dirty Knobs Live at Cozy's -12/11 & 12/12 UPDATE

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(Weather forecast calls for rain Friday so be prepared. I don't think this is going to help the Friday commute to Cozy's! Leave early! In fact, I think everyone should take the rest of the week off so they can get there early! :) )

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That was a blast! I really enjoyed the Bells set a lot and the Knobs gig had more of a jammy and even jazzy feel at times than previous events so there was lots of new sound and we loved every bit of it.

Sooooo tired but wanted to post a pseudo Knobs set list - based upon what was on the printed list and my memory (which is not that good right now) So to avoid brain fade I tried to take a photo of the set list (Chinner picked that moment to lovingly harass me and so Its all Chinner's fault the photo sucks LOL!)

I loved the picks on top of the set list. In fact when Chinner started poking at me I just kind of assumed he thought I was making a leap for the picks and was fighting me off. But I got to talk to him afterward and he was just messin' with me. LOL! Remind me never to play poker with that guy! He's got a black belt in Knob Fu too!


Now I dont recall Sweet 16 and I know Guitar Boogie Shuffle wasn't played - however they did play Interstate. Stick a fork in me I'm done! Just Wow.

More later after I get some rest.

OK I cant resist adding one more thing - just one more.

A young man was sitting up front and he had what looked to me like a gibson SG guitar. At first I thought he might be in the Bells - but he wasn't.

At one point in the evening he and Mike struck up a conversation and Mike swapped guitars with him - and then played the Gibson. Meanwhile the young man was holding Mike's telecaster.

I think it might have been part way into the song Mike commented a little sheepishly that he didn't even bother to check to see if the guitar was in tune before he took off on the song. He kind of laughed about it and smiled - no need to worry because the guitar was perfectly tuned. Extra points for the very lucky young man in the front row who can now tell his buddies Mike Campbell shredded on his Gibson.

I have a few photos Ill post later, but for now you are going to have to imagine the smile on the face of the fan as he watched, and how Mike looked as he just shredded on that SG. :)

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^Thanks for that recap Relic. Great story about that young man ... lucky him! Love that setlist....All Electric and Goldfinger :049::049:...wow, that alone would've been enough for me!! Feed the Skank, lol. I'm glad Chinner didn't mess you up or anything ;). Looking forward to your pic's later.

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Thanks for the setlist photo, Steve ('Feed the Skank'!???!!):eek::003::cool:. Everyone's looking forward to your band pictures without a doubt. How is it that every night we see them is always the best night evar with this band? Sometimes they're tight as a guitar string, other times just loving loving what they're doing. I sure hope someone got that young man's name, so we can share pictures with him. He was so awestruck, but I'm glad he had the temerity get MIke to play the guitar.

It was a full house last might, but it's supposed to be packed tonight - lookout! Once again, I lucked out and got a 'seatbelt' seat up front. I took full advantage and got lots of good pictures, not knowing where I'll be tonight. Then again it'll be a completely different show - soooo, I gotta be upfront pleeeeeze!

The red Jag made an appearnce (Goldfinger! - and in the encore, whenever Chinner felt the moment was right for it) :) And the Fender was one with a "Bender" Very cool that Mike flipped it around and showed us, so ignoramus's like me could appreciate it. Anyway, there would be a lifetime of painting for me just in that one night.

Oh shoot, and here's some pictures, in no particular order:







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I was SOOO happy they played All Electric! I LOVE that song and it's so sexy!

Great night, I had way TOO much fun!!!

Can't wait for tonight! :003:

Thanks guys for playing Blow Up My Stereo!!! :heart:

seltaeb, they took the stage around 10:30?

Oh Holy Night was instrumental, Marion. It was perfect.

So was all the new songs they played. I'm still jammin'. :003:

Those pictures are just beautiful. Thank you everyone!

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Ha! Relic, Athena said you'd be up til 5 to fix with your photos, and that's exactly what you did. Get some sleep and be fit for tonite :)

I loved seeing that young man. He was playing his guitar exactly the same way as Mike. He almost never took his eyes of him. It was really touching. The evening was amazing again. It's like the Knobs always surprise us with their humor and improvisations. The best night ever and tonight will be even better :)

Thanks for all photos, Relic and Marcia. We had a "Marcia" table with our two M's up front. I liked that!!

The music - wonderful. Oh and the opening band was kinda different, but in a very positive way. I loved hearing them. Music unites (Shoot me I repeat myself) and it brings people together and SO much love and happiness in my heart.

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