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The Dirty Knobs Live at Cozy's -12/11 & 12/12 UPDATE

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Aren't dinner theaters notorious for bad food? :003:

Kinda off topic, but if you need gas(oline for your car) while you're in Sherman Oaks, you might try this place:

The Friendly Gasoline Machine of Sherman Oaks

"This friendly gasoline machine has been dispensing sage advice for over ten years now.

I used to work at the nearby mall–there’s an afterschool art-education program there, and I used to teach art to kids there. Whenever I could, I’d go here for gasoline. You can find it at the corner of Woodman and Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks.

It’s not the cheapest gas in town, but it’s clearly the most articulate."

It isn't very far from Cozy's:

Google Maps

Drag the map a bit to the right, and you'll see Cozy's at Hazeltine and Ventura.

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My oh my! Those pictures are just gorgeous. They have a life of their own. I feel like I could reach in and touch them. Relic you have a gift and thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Wow, that menu is more like it! There is something for everyone! I think that will go over much better.

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Can't wait for the gig!


(I always thought Mike looked like a sorcerer conjuring up fire in this photo taken at Cozys. Magical is how I have always described their gigs so maybe there is something to that :) )

Edited by Relic

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