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Today I Learned...

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That both Frank's and my birth certificates were too old. The lady at Vital Statistics actually considered Frank's an antique, and he's only 52! Luckily, she accepted them, anyway. Since I'm from the city where we applied for the marriage license, I paid the five bucks and got a brand-spanking new one! I looked at my friend Sandy and said I guess you'll need a new one, too!;) I never knew you're supposed to get new ones! The DMV didn't care, so that was good, but even Frank said 'You're not marrying the DMV'!

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That our new vice-principle is pretty much useless.

Our VP is completely useless, too. She wants to be the kid's "pal"

instead of maintaining order on the campus. :mad: She actually said to

one student last year, a girl whose giant boobs were hanging out of

her shirt and her teacher sent her to change, that that teacher was

"just uptight". She said that to the student!!

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