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Mudcrutch Vinyl Singles....

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steve please post a pic of the wild eyes sides. Mine which I assume is fake, has the lettering distributed by MCA sloping slightly uneven. Also the print on my wild eys side is not as dark as the depot side.

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I will post a picture of my white promo today. Stangest one I have ever seen for a white promo. The Wild eyes printing is just odd. It starts off even, then starts to slope.

It is one of the narrow ones Steve said were probably copies.

I don't know. I think maybe all are fake or all are not.

Who would want to make copes back in the 80's of a band called mudcructh? Maybe there actually were cases of promo copies sitting around.

But I have also seen the ones that had white background, red lettering, and then had the little red and white "sample sticker" stuck to it. Like Danny was talking about.

My new theory is those white samples with red lettering were the first true batch, made for band and management, then came the white promos, then the stock copies. Very few to none of either the promos or stocks were distributed and ended in a few warehouses. The stock ones also has a production run of only a few hundred when the management push to release it passed., the promos had already been made so a couple thousand existed. That would account for the amount of promos showing up compared to the rare stock ones.

So a lot do look new, because of that reason.

And they are all quite real in that they were made in 1975. They have just been sitting in warehouses and then were bought by various distribution arms 10 years later. Then Miamisteve comes along and orders his and thinks it is counterfeit but it really is from a company with 100 trying to get rid of them. The one I just bought somewrote wote it in a flair pen, "2 of 4"

Sounds like someone had a few to sell. Probably less than 20. Maybe only 4. A counterfeiter wouldn't write on his merchandise like that.

I would imagine that a counterfeiter in 1985 would be doing beatles albums, and 60's rarities, not potentially worthless mudcrutch vinyl. TP wasn't exactly a sure hall of famer at that point.

Beginning to think all very much real, just never released to radio stations in masse. They languished in crates for 10 years and were sold to small distribution arms and stores known for copes and bootlegs.

So people put two and two together and think their 1975 mudcrutch is a fake because of where it came from. I think they were mistaken. They are all very authentic.

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