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Dirty Knobs Live At Cozys 06/26 & 06/27 2009

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(As ones who are lucky enough to live nearby, we are able to catch almost all the gigs - so this time when we couldn't catch Saturday's show we got a chance to experience first hand how threads like this help share the fun.)

Y'all took a lot of great photos and I am drooling when I read the set list!

Does that mean you feel just a little more sorry for the rest of us now? lol

Is it just me? I only see red Xs where your pictures should be, Steve.

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Thanks Tara.

I just looked at the photo of Mike and Jason at work (on a different monitor). Its #318 in this thread - on the previous page.

Anyhow, I was kinda horrified at how much noise I saw - especially since I don't see that here on either calibrated monitor. Of course it might be that the monitor at work are really cranked up and they are the problem.

I may have 'pushed' it too far - does anyone else see an unacceptable amount of noise in that photo? If so I will try to back it down a little.

PS: I get carried away with this photography thing, and the bottom line is with or without photos, this band simply rocks.

I saw a lot of really good musicians over the holiday - some who are known and some who are not yet. But the honest truth is that, to me, none of them measured up to the Knobs, individually or as a group.

That is absolutely not meant as a slam on the musicians at the festival, because we really enjoyed the music there and I'd like to do it again sometime. It was fun as heck!

But there is something about those Knobs that really resonates in me - you guys too I think :)

Aren't we just the luckiest music lovers on the planet? Thanks guys. You rock!

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Those photos are really great, Steve. I love the one of Dave!

I did see some noise in that one photo. I'm on my work computer, and it sucks. It'll probably look better at home. I'll let you know.

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