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Farm Re-Opening Mix Bootleg

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In celebration of the grand re-opening of The Farm we would like to share a mix bootleg of live Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers songs with everyone.

Put together by Marion, this .zip file contains the following tracks:

Down Home Girl - Red Rocks 2002

Feeling Alright - Red Rocks 1999

Girls were made to Love - Hammersmith 3/7/80

Green Onions - Santa Barbara 2001

I Gotta Move - Tonight Show 2003

Keep Your Hands to Yourself - London 10/15/87

Lucille - Santa Barbara 5/25/01

Save Me - TPATH Demo, no date (titled Luna in the zip, you may want to rename it.)

My Life Your World - Mansfield 6/27/87

No Second Thoughts - Jones Beach, NY 1989

Something Big - North Carolina 9/13/89

You're Gonna Get it - Boston 1978

Click here to download

Thanks to Marion for putting together such a great collection! She has such a huge archive of TPATH stuff it boggles my mind.

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You're welcome! :) I love that live stuff more than anything, ruff as some of it is. I'm glad you guys are enjoying them. I hope the new live album they promised us will have cool stuff.

Speaking of that album, we haven't heard a peep about it in a long time. I wonder if it's still in the works.

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I get a kick out of "No Second Thoughts." I know there is a little chatter in it...some lady wanting a coke...I wanted to give her a flick on the forehead! haha! But the song is great!

"I Gotta Move" ROCKS!! I remember seeing them playing that song on the Tonight show and didn't think it was very exciting because the Heartbreakers were not very animated that night. But to listen to the song it sounds like they are bouncing off the stage!

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