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My favorite movie of all time is 1994's Total Eclipse. This is supposed to be odd because it's a Leonardo DiCaprio film where there are some gay scenes, and a quick shot of his naked ass. It didn't get good reviews because the characters aren't likable or sympathetic, supposedly. But it's based on the true story of Arthur Rimbaud, a teenage poet who greatly inspired Jim Morrison and a lot of other artists, and Paul Verlaine, the older, accomplished (at the time, late 1800s) poet who helped Arthur get recognition, though the younger poet was so outspoken that he usually got the WRONG kind of recognition. And whether these two men are actually gay, or just 'acting out' is open to interpretation. The soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous (so much so that I sought it out and bought it), and so is DiCaprio (he's fascinating to watch throughout this). There's almost no actual poetry in this, so I sought some out, and read a couple biographies of Mr. Rimbaud. I'd also like to someday try absinthe, which is prominently featured, but it can actually kill you if prepared wrong (GULP!). I think it's actually illegal in the U.S., but more accessible in Europe.

Did I forget to mention that Arthur Rimbaud's birthday was October 20?! I wonder sometimes if TP is aware of any of this, or feels any connection whatsoever to this other outspoken poet/groundbreaker. The more I personally uncovered, the more I felt that it was more than just a coincidence. I could go on forever . . .

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