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The Dirty Knobs Live-Duesenberg Guitars USA After NAMM Party - 1/17/09

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LOL Sharon, don't you mean freak show? NAMM sure does bring 'em out!

What an incredible night all around. I can't add much that hasn't already been said, but must mention that hearing Powderfinger and Battleship Chains made my night.

Katie Lawrence is a sweetheart! After her set she asked me if we were all having a good time. Yeah, I'd say we were! :)

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I have nothing to add. Everything is said!! But I have to anyway. It was more than GREAT. What a feeling. My hair stood up when all the six guitars did that intro. And everything was cool and smiles and happy. Music really makes me happy.

Nathan and Linda, Thank you !!!!

My camera stood by me this time and I will go to Photoshop now and try to get some out here:)

See you later. ( I almost said gator ;-)):003:

Oh, and all the photos up here so far. They are brilliant. :) I like your camera Katie, was it a 710??

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I just home. What an amazing night. The set list was pure bliss. (Everyone knows my favs.) Thank you Knobs! And thank you Linda and Nathon. What a special night that was.

The photos are great! Lotta, you're too funny...LOL

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Everyone has said it all so well already but...wow...what an awesome show! I don't think I will ever be in the presence of such guitar greatness again!! Johnny B. Goode has taken on a whole new dimension for me now!

Thank you Linda, Nathan and the Dirty Knobs for making such a special night possible. And a special thanks to Marion & all of the Farmers I met for making me feel so welcome. :045:

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Hey everyone! Just popping in to say hi. I'm still traveling on vacation and will be back soon to put in my two cents about the concert and share a couple of pictures. Just wanted to pop in and see what's going on.

Fabulous pictures Lotta! Great show. It was nice to see so many friends. Rock'n'RollWoman it was very nice to meet you and share the concert with you. I hope we meet again. I'm sorry, I don't think we got to say goodbye!

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What a fabulous night! It was so spontaneous with all the special guests and Mike was trying new things with them. Everyone was flying by the seat of their pants. You never knew what was going to come up next and that was a blast.

Senor was amazing with all of those guitars. I don't think anyone mentioned that they played Bob Dylan's Isis! I never thought I'd hear that one. Dave Rowlings did a fine job.

We got Powerfinger AND Like a Hurricane! I really love that new instrumental they've been doing, I think it's called Feed The Snake. That is just mind blowing. Bride of Frankenstein was also amazing! Battleship Chains was fun too, dedicated to Chinner with a little teasing thrown in. I think he narrowly escaped getting goosed!

Here are a few of my pictures. I got pretty much the same as everyone else but I thought I'd share anyway.

I got such a kick out of Phil Jones. The smile never left his face all night. He's so animated.






Mike was having such a great time conducting this band.


They were all trying to keep up.



It was great to see Darian come out and play with them. He is so talented and he is such a nice young man and always very sweet to these silly fans. I can't believe how tall he is. He must be about 6'2".


This is my favorite picture of the night.


Ape was trying to help Lance with Senor. I think he told us later that he had never played it before. Such an awesome song. They are all just incredible musicians who can play just about anything.



Nathan, thanks once again for putting on this show.

It's always such a treat. Dirty Knobs, you are just so special. I will come out to see you play every chance I get. It's always so worth it.

Ref, I love you! Thanks for everything.

I love meeting up with all the fans who came out. It was great to see everyone again and meet a couple of friends I had never met in person before.

Can't wait for the next time.

Edited by Marion

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Wow, do I love seeing these photos!!!...thank you so much, Marion :heart:

I have all these songs playing in my head still.....I have to come out again to see these men. To share this with my dear friends again makes it the more special (I am remembering when Like A Hurricane started and Ames was behind me on the bench :).........Linda, I cannot thank you enough....Nathan, the shows are always amazing and I love that banner auction off.....Dirty Knobs, you always rock my world.....always...

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