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The Dirty Knobs Live-Duesenberg Guitars USA After NAMM Party - 1/17/09

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First off, thank you SO much to The Dirty Knobs and Nathan Fawley of Duesenberg Guitars USA for this wonderful night of music! Words tend to be hard for me to describe this show. How about f&%king awesome? :heart:

I've been very fortunate to attend this special show for the last 3 years. Each year just raises the bar for the next.

I'm very sorry that I did not catch the name of the opening band, but they were fantastic! They jammed out and played some great tunes! Their singer was just amazing, not only could she sing but she played this very unique electric fiddle. Some tunes I remember ranged from Aretha's Chain of Fools with Peter Stroud on stage joining them, The Motel's Only The Lonely and I know it's a Melissa Etheridge song, but for the life of me, I can't think of the title. :017:

They had great energy and set the atmosphere up for the next band.

Then the Dirty Knobs (with Phil Jones on board) take the stage! Playing balls out, old tunes and new ones. At one point they had David Rawlings come out and join them on stage, then Marc Ford and also Peter Stroud. One special guest that joined them on stage for a rousing Bride of Frankenstein, was Mr. Darian Campbell himself. Then they had 6 guitars players, one mean ass bass and drummer, and also a percussionist on the stage, just imagine what this sounded like! Especially on a number like Neil Young's Powderfinger. WOW! :045:

Some great tunes - I don't have a setlist in front of me, so I know I will miss some songs, but I'm sure others will fill the blanks.

Bride of Frankenstein, Powderfinger, Senor, Like A Hurricaine, Minimum Wage, If You Gotta Go, Working Class Hero, Hey Bulldog, You Got To Hide Your Love Away, Humdinger, London, Loaded Gun, and a very special favorite, Battleship Chains. Also, Don't Wait Up For The Shrimp Boat, and Reelin' and a Rockin'.

Something very special happens when the Knobs play this party. :003:

Very cool thing they did, was auction off a stage banner for money for CHOC, Children's Hospital of Orange County. Hope that gentleman who won has a place to hang it! It was big.

I had way too much fun, lol. I have no voice today, haha. I hope everyone who went had as much fun as I did. Thank you all for being there. :)

Nothing like a great venue, great friends (old and new) and awesome music!

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I can't add much more to what Ref already said - what an amazing night of music.

I LOVE when they play Battleship Chains!

We already know how much we all love the Knobs, so I'll give another shout out to the wonderful special guests: chip-off-the-old-block Darian Campbell; the fantastic Marc Ford; the sublime Peter Stroud; and my new favorite, the joyful, adorable and talented Dave Rawlings. Back off, bitches, I saw him first!

I didn't catch the name of the opening band, either, but I think the singer's name was Katie Lawrence? She was terrific!

I feel very lucky to attend this show - thank you to Nathan for putting it together - and thank you to a special "dirty angel" for getting me in the door.

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Of course you're delusional, but in a good way! :041:

Thanks for sharing about the show, guys. Now that I've been Knobbed, I know what all the excitement's about! Even a secondhand Knobbing's a Good Thing. :045:

I loved Jason singing Love Minus Zero at Cozy's. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (or else you'll have to stay all night) would be a fun one too!

If You Gotta Go, Go Now

"Listen to me, baby,

There's something you must see.

I want to be with you, gal,

If you want to be with me.


But if you got to go,

It's all right.

But if you got to go, go now,

Or else you gotta stay all night.

It ain't that I'm questionin' you.

To take part in any quiz.

It's just that I ain't got no watch

An' you keep askin' me what time it is.


I am just a poor boy, baby,

Lookin' to connect.

But I certainly don't want you thinkin'

That I ain't got any respect.


You know I'd have nightmares

And a guilty conscience, too,

If I kept you from anything

That you really wanted to do.


It ain't that I'm wantin'

Anything you never gave before.

It's just that I'll be sleepin' soon,

It'll be too dark for you to find the door.


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It was such an amazing night! My ears are still ringing!

The opening band was called the Katie Lawrence band and they had such tangible energy! Katie would step down from the stage and dance with the audience...such a fun way to open the night.

The Knobs were simply amazing. I think the highlight for me was hearing six guitars jam, solo, and play together...we were definitely in the presence of some genuine "guitar heros."

I took a LOT of pictures so I'll try and put them up by the days end. Gotto be honest, though, I'm still wiped out from the gig and the ride back home! It was all worth it though! :D

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What an amazing show....the Dirty Knobs rocked the roof off at that Imperial Ballroom Saturday night!! I am still in the clouds this morning, got back very late last night, the pilot had to fly a more northern path coming home because of turbulence (made two pots of coffee this morning and might go for a third now) but I wanted to come and say thank you so much to Linda, Nathan and those Dirty Knobs for another awesome show. This is my third time at the Ball and it always becomes magic when those guys hit that stage. The Imperial Ballroom is such a beautiful place. That was so cool about auctioning off that banner....such a great thing for a great cause. I really loved that first group, too...Katie had such passion and energy in her voice and I loved when she came out dancing on the Ballroom floor. I loved that group!

The Knobs....WOW!!! I loved watching the interaction between these men....Mike watching Jason play.....Jason watching Mike play....Matt holding down that beat...Lance bringing the bass in. I loved hearing Somewhere in London....was hoping they would play that. Those opening chords just give me a chill... Working Class Hero/Hide Your Love Away.....just beautiful singing....Like A Hurricane....Powderfinger, yes!!!!! My head is still spinning and like Katie, here, I am still a little wiped out (yes, I think I will make that third pot of coffee now, ha)

It was so special to see so many of my dear friends here, and meet some new ones...to share this great music again. I love you guys and it means the world to me to be with you all. The Dirty Knobs do that....bring people from all over together for the music. Ahhhh, that music.....:heart:

So again.....thank you Linda, Nathan and Dirty Knobs for rocking my little world again.....:b55:

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ok, here are some pics I snapped. Most have that over-used rock-photo angle, but they came out pretty well all things considered. Enjoy! ;)

Katie Lawrence Band (with guest Peter Stroud)


Peter Stroud


The Knobs take the stage


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Marc Ford


David Rawlings


half a dozen guitar gods


I have a ton more, but these were some of the best. I definitetly have lots to add to the Dirty Knob Pic of the Day thread ;)

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What a great night! I always love the Ballroom shows. There is something magic going on in there for sure. I absolutely love watching how much fun the Knobs have together and when they added Peter Stroud, Darien Campbell, Marc Ford and Dave Rawlings...it was incredible. Mike had them all play in unison the opening chords of Johnny Be Good. It was too cool!!!! I have a great picture of all of them that I will put up in a little while.

Thank you, Nathan and Linda! We had a GREAT time!

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Wow! That was one amazing night of music! I'm still rockin' out in my head. :003:

First of all I absolutely loved the Katie Lawrence band. That woman has got energy galore! Even after her bands set was done, I looked over there at her and she was really rockin' out to the Knobs. I had to laugh though because when she's performing she leaves the stage and she's all over the place and it caught me off guard me when I looked up and she was singing right in front of me. I was like where the f*%k did she come from? LOL!

They were a great opening band!

Next up, our boys, The Dirty Knobs! And man, did they get down and dirty. This was one incredible show! Marc Ford, Peter Stroud, Darian Campbell and Dave Rawlings, along with the usual dirty suspects, lol. What else can I say. These guys played their asses off! From Mike and Jason opening with that incredible guitar playing to Dave Rawlings singing, "If You Gotta Go, Go Now" which literally gave me goosebumps. My other faves were Battleship Chains (I haven't heard that since DiPiazza's, I think), Powerderfinger and OMG! Senor! :heart:...That about blew me away! I'm also getting such a kick out of Matt doing "Hey Bulldog"! He does a great job with that song. And Lance even got to showcase some of his bass skills. Very cool! "Bride of Frankenstein", one of my absolute favorite Knob songs was a big highlight for me, especially with Darian playing along side his dad. :)

But how cool was that to see six extraordinary guitarist playing the intro to Johnny B. Good all at once? Man, was that sweet! :045:

It was a pleasure to see everyone. I know as always, it went by too fast.

Nancy, thank you for treating me to the biggest sideshow ever, LOL! (And you know what else.

It was a very special night and I felt honored to be there. Big thanks to The Dirty Knobs and Nathan Fawley! But, I can not go without thanking my dear friend Ref! You're the best! Love you! :)

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