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New Sweetwater!

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Hello Sweetwater Faithful –

As a happy postscript, to the sad news of the demise of Sweetwater at its current location we are ecstatic to report that the Sweetwater has found a new home at 32 Miller Avenue – smack dab between the soon-to-open Balboa Café (from the Plumpjack folk) and Piazza D’Angelo. We're all very excited about this site, which – with its high ceiling and skylights – will be quite reminiscent of the Throckmorton Avenue venue. That similarity will be enhanced by the preservation of much of the memorabilia which has so long adorned the walls of the former site. What will be DIFFERENT about the new space will be the greater space and comfort that it will afford to both patrons and performers. As Bob Weir said, "I think I might like this new place better", and I'm sure he'll not be alone in that! For more information and for ways in which you can help read more ...

While the original location of the Sweetwater will live long in our collective memory as a place where more great music happened than most other venues could ever hope for, the idea of Sweetwater and what it represents to this community transcend its building. The fact is, Mill Valley is our home and Sweetwater is a living embodiment of the ‘art and soul’ of this unique town. Thom and I have been fortunate enough to be part of this legacy, and we are committed to preserving it. Sadly, we have departed the hallowed hall at 153 Throckmorton that has given us all so many good times… and more than a few hangovers.

But with your help, we are going to keep Sweetwater alive, well and growing, right here in Mill Valley. We have announced our commitment to a new Mill Valley location, and it is our plan to invite all of you to help us carry that very bar… and everything on the walls, including the barnyard siding!... to its new home. Because at the end of the day it is the people – the musicians, the audience and the employees – that come together every night that make Sweetwater the magical place it is. OK, some of the things in a new location may be different and will, we know, take you old-timers some time to get used to….like; the toilets will flush, the soda guns will actually make bubbles and you will be able to get to the ladies room on a busy night without having to climb over the bar (although I recognize that some of you found that entertaining). We believe that the key to making this a successful transition will be the ongoing support of our extended Sweetwater family. To that end, we invite you to help us in a couple of ways – first and most important; we need your email address. If you are not sure that you are signed up and on our list, sign up again at www.sweetwatersaloon.com or email us at: becky@sweetwatersaloon.com

We will be sending regular update on the new site, plans for the move (and I am serious about having a moving day parade, assuming we can convince the City to let us do it) and the opening schedule. We very much want to remain connected to you and since we won’t be able to do that within the environs of 153 Throckmorton, we will do it virtually over the coming weeks. Secondly, we have had many of you request that we put together a “Friends of the Sweetwater” group so that our regular and long time customers can participate in special shows, perhaps attain advance tickets to shows, or even the vaunted ‘guaranteed tables’ as well as other kinds of other perks and surprises. We are going to put some thoughts together around that idea and want your feedback as we do. Since this will be something we talk with you about in the email updates, it’s really important that we know how reach you all. Thom and I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your amazing support!


Becky & Thom Steere

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