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The Dirty Knobs and Romeo Delta Live at Cozy's - 01/09 & 01/10 - 2009

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Interesting perspective on this one.....

Mini Mike or Great Ape?

Discuss..... ;)

Mini Mike or Great Ape

Great effect!

I'm going to guess that it was an accident - between lens and camera settings, and catching Mike just when he happened to be looking at Jason[edit] and vice versa.

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Thank You Dale :)

As for the shot of 'Mini-Mike', serendipity had a lot to do with it. The effect is accentuated by the way Jason is looking down at Mike's guitar playing hands, and Mike seems to be looking up at Jason's hands.

That combined with the perspective results in the illusion of Great Ape and Mini Mike :)

I have been looking at the raw images since the weekend and that shot only caught my attention last night. Its a little flawed, but as someone here has quoted, "Rock and Roll isn't perfect".

Neither is my photography! :)

On the other hand, if Rock and Rollers ever hatch a plan for World Domination, I'm fairly confident that Mini-Mike will be involved - if only to get another chance to play his guitar!


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I am back from a weeklong California extravaganza. lol We were fortunate to be at the Saturday show. It was so nice to see good friends and meet some new ones for the first time. :) As always, the band was so great! Loved it all and Mike for acknowledging the travelers in the audience. His shirt cracked me up. One patch said "Customer Service" and the other said "I don't really give a shit" !!!

Romeo Delta!!! They are so good and definitely going somewhere. The Garter show was fun even if we did miss a couple of songs. Honeybee was fun to hear and they did a great job with it. :)

Love all of these pictures! Thank you everyone for sharing.

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