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Patty Petty

I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.. Our NYC adventure!

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I am a horrible reviewer, but I wanted to jot down some things about the wonderful weekend we had in NYC.

Before I fill you all in on some highlights, I want to say how great it was to meet some of you for the first time (Ellyn, Sharon, Teresa, Gina, Helen (Sharon's "Twisted Sister", but I think we all can agree, Sharon is The Twisted one, HAHAHA), and to seeing some of you again (Nancy, Amy, Marion).

And although it was short, we also got to see Beth and her sister Karen yesterday. It was so nice to see you two. I am sorry we didn't get to say "Goodbye." Penn Station is crazy!

Ellyn did a superb job organizing the entire trip and I thank you for that. I know it was not easy. I also know you felt like you failed here and there, but we all had such a fun time.. bravo to you! If you are ever thinking about a new career, you should consider becoming a trip planner!

Some of my favorite things from this trip;

The Free Fallin' sing-a-long in the Irish Pub Thursday night.

Sharing a room with Nancy, Ellyn, and Amy.. we worked so well together girls.. we were QUICK!

The humungous tooth... "Oh, THAT tooth!" (we'll explain more later, LMAO)

Scrumptious New York pizza with crispy pepperoni and sausage.

Central Park and Strawberry Fields.

All of the New York City doggies we saw and fell in love with and who seemed to love us as much back.

Sharon's excitement at seeing Conan O'Brien at Columbus Circle, and seeing her impression of him doing his face of "Don't you go there, don't do it!" LOL!

People watching all over the place, NYC is truly the melting pot of America!

The limo ride back to the train when we were leaving.. we left in style, girls! :)

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Patty! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I've been thinking about you girls

all weekend (with a few texts and updates from Gina and Nancy). It sounds like

an absolutely perfect time was had by all.

Ellyn is the best, isn't she? That woman can do anything!

Looking forward to hearing even more about your adventures, and some pictures, too, please!!

Did anyone get a photo of Conan?

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^ Sharon was the only one who saw Conan.. oh no, wait! I'm sorry, Gina did too! They said he had his little girl with him. So, no one bothered him or took pictures, sorry.

I wish you and Linda could have come! Emmie too! Maybe one day, before we're old and grey!

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Patty, I'm so glad you posted so I know you made it home safely last night. I notice that you didn't mention the drive from Glenside back to the hotel in Philly as one of your favorite parts (can't imagine why LOL). I am so sorry for getting us all turned around, I feel terrible about that (I wonder if Gina is even speaking to me!?). My GPS has a mind of his own and we were afraid to not do what he said.

You did a great job summing things up - thank you for that! Let me add the amazing Lindsey Buckingham last night at the Keswick Theatre. That man is incredible. His fans were very energetic and a treat to watch. We actually witnessed TWO engagements over the weekend - one at the Lindsey concert and another at the top of the Empire State Building at midnight on Friday night. How bizarre is that? I guess we are good luck for young lovers LOL.

Thanks for kind words but my sense of direction sucks - it was the same way when I lived in New York, I was always walking the wrong way. It's so easy to get confused when you come out of the subway or out of a building. Sorry for making you all walk those extra blocks. Thank goodness the weather was so gorgeous.

I'm off to bed - got about 3 hours of sleep last night and about the same the night before. I need a vacation to recover from this weekend!

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going straight to bed - glad you came on here Patty and gave the quick summary - it's all a blur to me right now! Made the mistake of showing hubby my new T-shirt so I guess we all know where that's leading... :D

I have a feeling we're going to be getting alot of mileage out of this trip story-wise! :)

I miss everyone already!

oh, and Patty - did you see the tooth? ;)

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What a wonderful trip you all had!! I so appreciate the texts, made me feel part of it.

I can't believe you are all home already.

Pictures are to follow, right? ;)

LOL @ Rhoda, Sharon was supposed to tell you that, LOL!

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I can barely hold my eyes open right now, but I just wanted to chime in and say what a great trip this was.

I loved seeing everybody more than anything, and finally meeting Patty and Amy -- and Beth's sister Karen -- was such fun. Patty, thank you for driving us all over town last night and depositing us safely at our hotel. (Ellyn, I'm speaking to you, but not to that asshole Cedric/Clive!).

some other highlights for me...

getting carded at the Pig & Whistle, three months after I turned 40!:003:

and also the Free Fallin' sing along...that was like serendipity or something.

meeting Chief the bomb-sniffing yellow lab and Vicki the Obama dog!

Central Park and the surrounding neighborhood - absolutely gorgeous - and walking by Conan in Central Park West (I think he had a little son w/him, not a daughter).

Amy's excitement at coming upon the Fox News building - even if she is all wrong about the election. :P

meeting Marion at Penn Station - who would have ever thought we'd get to do that?

our Philly hotel "photo shoot"

chatting up the hot Italian bartender/owner of the Plush restaurant in Glenside, PA

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey!

flying with TeeBee from Philly to Cinci this morning!


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It sounds like you guys had a great time!! Gina, I'm stuck on you being 40. [GASP!] My god you look like you're in your 20s. I'm not surprised you got carded. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time. Sharon and Helen are at Atlantic City today. Good luck ladies!!

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We had such a good time! It was nice to finally meet Nancy and Patty. I enjoyed meeting Beth's sister, Karen as well. :) A whirlwind for sure but I loved every minute of it. Ellyn, you are such a great planner. She was our "Marge in Charge" for the trip. I felt like I was pretty much on a guided tour. :P

I love reading these lists of funny things. Good lord, I laughed so hard last night in the car trying to get back to the hotel that my sides hurt!

It was so nice to finally meet you, Rhoda...uh, I mean, Patty! LOL I was telling my husband about your cute accent and did quite a spot on impression. HAHA!

Scared of heights and all, I went up the Empire State Building (twice! LMAO) I could look over the edge, but only where the wall was higher. It is honestly so high, it was more like flying in a damn plane. One thing I couldn't do was look straight down. The freakiest thing was looking up at the rest of the top of the building (just the skinny top part was only higher than we were). YEEEEKS! It was so fun seeing the couple get engaged. They had a guy filming it all and I was on it with my comments for the happy couple. lol The girl was so excited. They were too cute!

Gina, I had fun sitting at the bar with you last night gawking at the super cute Italian guy. lol And flying part of the way home with you this morning...or was that last night? lol 2 1/2 hours sleep was more like a nap. haha

Lindsey rocked! Great show with some real live diehards down front. We got a kick out of watching them. Loved it!

Mmmmm....New York pizza with Gina and Patty. It was yummy and I was so glad we held out and found something good....instead of Sbarro that we kept seeing. lol

The tooth! I will post pictures of that for sure. Very odd art is all I can say. lol

I will go so sleep smiling tonight remembering this awesome weekend! You girls are the best!

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^ Well, we were the only ones who knew all the words!

I made someone (I think Nancy) take a picture of your bird poop so we wouldn't forget it. Not everyone gets pooped on in NYC, you know LOL.

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^ Haha, yes, they were going back and forth with The Joker by Steve Miller.

I forgot about you getting carded, Gina! LOL, that was so funny. But when I got up to him and asked "what about us?" he laughed and said "Go ahead in."

(Uhh, I was being serious dude!)

Teresa, enough with the laughing at my accent, lol. I'd love to hear your "spot on" impression of me.

Yessss.. the Lindsey concert. I loved it! Even if it was a million degrees in there! The man is amazing. At first glance it didn't even look like he was playing.. his fingers move so fast! I will DEFINITELY be going to see him again! But, NOT at The Keswick! Hahaha, this morning I asked my brother how he would go to The Keswick and trust me, it was not the way ANY of us went! HAHAHA! He did say that there is no easy way to or from Glenside.

That made me feel better, lol.

Ellyn, stop beating yourself up about it! You seriously did a wonderful job and we were all tired last night, I think everyone's patience was wearing thin. We all just wanted to get back!

Oh God, Amy at Fox News! She was making us take her picture and all! I believe me and Gina and Teresa walked away as to not want to be seen with her then, LOL.

Oh and just to let Amy and Gina know.. we have now decided on our Halloween costumes for next week's party. The others got "shit canned", LMAO. Instead we are going as The St. Pauli Girl, Jose Cuervo and Captain Morgan.

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Here are some pics from the Big Adventure. Unfortunately, the IMG codes from Photobucket will not work so you'll have to click each link. :confused:

This is a freaky contortionist down by the seaport that Gina, Patty and I watched. That box is a whopping 17 inches!


Look at this angel! We had seen by the garage entrances to buildings a couple of times a guard with a dog. We approached the nice man standing here with this guy and he let us pet him. Turns out he is a bomb sniffing dog to check vehicles going in and out of the garage. His name was Chief and he was a doll! He sat like a good boy and immediately lifted a paw to shake! Awwwwww! I loved him!


And this is Vicky. She was in Central Park for a walk. She was wearing Obama Biden gear. She was darling. The man she was with looked to be a butler or doorman so it is possible she was the pet of someone rich and famous. Doesn't she look like she is smiling? Another 'awwwwww' for another cute dog!


Fountain at Central Park


John Lennon memorial mosaic:


This dog's name was Onyx. (No, we didn't pet every single dog we saw, but we did love up a few. lol) He is part Dingo and he was very pretty.


Here is "the" tooth! This was by the Hamilton, NJ train station. Odd art and of course we had to walk up to it and take pictures. LOL


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