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Aimee Wilbury


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Description: An affliction which affects Tom Petty fangirls. It is not known how one develops this -- it may be contagious, but it may not be. Most of the time, it is formed after discovering Tom's music.

Symptoms: The urge to squeal uncontrollably, a sudden need to watch or listen to Tom all the time, and sweating, dizziness, and possibly fainting. In severe cases, one may walk many miles to get to a concert, or develop superhuman strength and push past security guards, as well as marching around town, chanting his name.

Treatment: There is no cure. To treat, you must take away everything even faintly related to Tom Petty. This will be difficult to do, and may require bare closets with airtight steel doors and barbed wire.


Anyone have this? LOL!

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