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hollywood bowl show

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Oh my gosh, Benny! No wonder nothing stirred when I knocked on your door at 11 this morning. You and Sparky were partying till 7 AM?? Not surprised! LOL

I'm so glad Mark showed up. I think he feels connected to Anna when he's around so many people that loved her.

I have to just reiterate what everyone else already said - a FANTASTIC time was had at the show (3 rows back!:045:). I was so glad to have such

good seats because my daughter was with me and she's never been up that close. She LOVED the show. I also had another friend who is (was!)

a TPATH virgin at the show with her boyfriend. She called me this morning and said "I GET IT NOW!!! I WANNA GO TO EVERY SHOW THESE GUYS EVER PUT ON!!!" (<----- in caps cause she was literally yelling in my ear!) Ha ha ha! She's a believer.

Anyway, a nice hug from Ron before the show got the night off to a superb beginning! :heart:

The show was amazing. The guys were on fire and just having a blast.

The after party was so much fun with all of you. I'm so glad that we had such a great, wonderful crowd of people. All ages, from all over the US - just reveling in the great night of music and great friendships.

You are all awesome.

Lotta and her daughter were kind enough to drive me to the train station today. (Thank you again!)

Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to a couple of you - Ref and family, and Benny. We've gotta do it again SOON! And we'll get even more Farmers out here next time!:045:

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I just love reading all these stories about the fans meeting up!! We all know our band rocks...but sharing with each other.....having all these great times to remember, it is just the best!!

Thank you all for coming and sharing the stories and great photos....the Hollywood Bowl is special place. I want to go back next tour!!

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Okay... THAT was one of the absolute best shows I have ever seen the band give us!!! They were on FIRE!!!!! Every single Heartbreaker and Tom were just electric!! And can you feel the energy emanating from Tom??!!!! He seems 15 years younger than the last tour! I am thinking he has resolved his knee problems and all the fun with Mudcrutch has just renewed his spirit! And Steve Winwood was such a perfect opener! What a beautiful night! And finally getting to meet all of you at the pre-show hook-up!... hmmm, Normandi a girl, huh?! ha ha ha... well I have often been accused of being very connected to my feminine side, but I consider that a plus! And thanks to Refugee for pointing out Steve Ferrone to me taking pictures of Steve and his band from the side of the stage!!! And I am soooo sorry I missed hooking up with you all after the show! Elysa and I did make it down to Hollywood Blvd for a drink and then WHAM... all the wine I had at the show hit me like a brick... I was done! But what a show! I never thought they would ever come close to the "Dogs With Wings" tour stop at the Gorge but this just did it! How much better can these guys get?

Oh Normandi, talking about Foo, guess I met after the show??? Taylor Hawkins!!!!!

Oh man Refugee!!! I am sooooo jealous... Taylor is such a cool man! I was lucky to meet him at Bumbershoot in Seattle one year! Such a nice guy!!! I knew I should have hung out with you! Although not as cool as meeting Taylor Elysa and I did sit and listen to Chris Shifflet on Loveline last night! :cool:

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I love all the reviews. Kianna, gorgeous photos!! Normandi, sorry I thought you were a girl. I have no idea why I thought that! haha!

Here are some photos from Marcia. That's a very interesting shot of the stage in that last photo. Your seat was way off to the left. I didn't remember the bowl being that wide. You got some great pictures though. Thanks for sharing!













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