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Patty Petty

Philadelphia Meet Up

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words can not express what these two shows did to me.

they put me from kinda 'burn out syndrom', from a long ride 'straight' through 'darkness'

to a carry on feeling - 'strong carry on'.

suddenly some long asleeping characteristics of mine reappeare, and i find myself

within a process of changin' my whole life within one week.

friends and workmates call me crazy.

they might be right, but i'm alive and 'restless' which means:

' stand back from me honey because i dont know what i might do next'

all the time i knew that all of toms lyrics are the real truth, behind so many lies and crap.

but they never shined so bright, sounded so right to me, since years.

the beauty, trueness and pureness within his person and lyrics,

is a feeling you're either able to feel it - or not.

i thought maybe i'm the only one who can feel it,

until i met you "philly-crowd".


'let's get to the point...' (...no i didn't have had one today):

i'd like to thank all the very kind persons i've met at the wachovia center shows.

the kindest crowd i ever been in.

as i'm catholic born, i cannot say tom is god,

but im absolutely sure that he's heaven sent.

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^It is nice to be amongst so many fans, isn't it? Instant friendship because of our love for this band.

Again, I must thank Ryan for giving us a place to stay in touch and make our plans. :041:

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