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Mudcrutch Videos

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I don't really have time to read every post, so I may have missed this. Has Mudcrutch released any videos to any of the music channels? If not, I think they should--especially one of the country flavored songs. CMT and GAC air videos of the Eagles, Alison Krauss/Robert Plant, and Jewel. I have been amazed at how fast the country stations and video channels have picked up Julianne Hough's new song, That Song in my Head.

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant won the CMT Video Award for the wide open country video recently for Gone, Gone, Gone. I think Mudcrutch could win this category. I would love to see these guys in a video on GAC and CMT.

I like all of the Mudcrutch songs because they all have (as the songwriter's say--a good hook) and great melodies. I have tried to listen and figure out which song country radio and the country video networks would play. Which song do you think they could release to the country market and they would get it played? Maybe I am the only one that feels they should do this since I like some country music too.

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