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Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa , FL

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Mudcrutch should play Skipper's. It is the PERFECT venue for this band.

You'd have to make a surprise appearance. It's not big enough to handle a crowd that knew you were coming.

But, Tom, check out Skipper's sometime. It is the absolute perfect venue for live music. Especially for a jammin' band like Mudcrutch.

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^Will Hoge played there not long ago...

Here is a blurb from Will's Blog:

First off I must say that it feels good to announce that we LOVED playing in Tampa! Yes, there I said it. We were all a bit concerned about a place called Skipper's Smokehouse. It brought to mind all sorts of 'Beach Blanket Bingo' images. Or that we'd be playing across a piece of wood across two pool tables next to some dudes barbeque pit. Luckily, neither of these proved true. It was one of my favorite places we've played. Great folks there, great crowd. The radio station and promoter were both a pleasure to work with. The place is this great mix of indoor/outdoor/mini theater vibe. We just loved it. So no longer is Orlando the only hope for Florida. Now we've got Tampa too. Hope we'll be back soon.

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