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Mystery Man

Down On Mudcrutch Farm on SCR #114

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Hello everybody…

I just wanted to put a “shout out” to the Mudcrutch community...I posted the “Notes From A Tom Petty Fan” essay two weeks ago and received some very warm responses, so thank you for welcoming me into the TP community.

I post this thread for two reasons: one is to inform you that since Valentine’s Day of 2006 yours truly has produced & hosted a weekly two-hour commercial-free radio program for the internet entitled State Controlled Radio. Each week SCR tackles a specific theme or takes an in-depth look at one particular band or artist, frequently with exclusive interviews conducted with the artist in question. This week for episode #114 (on May 25th & 26th) I am producing a two-hour feature entitled Down On Mudcrutch Farm that explores the most improbable musical event of 2008…the resurrection of Mudcrutch. I have a large selection of tracks by the band and plenty enough to do a two-hour show but I am still in need of the b-sides to the Up In Mississippi Tonight single (Cause Is Understood) and the b-side to Depot Street (Wild Eyes). Is there anyone out there who has a digital copy that they would be willing to share so that I can include these tracks in the program? I would very much appreciate ANY assistance with obtaining this source material.

Also, if there are any of you out there who wish to find out more about previous episodes of State Controlled Radio you are encouraged to visit my website at jonkanis.com. You can also reach me via email at jkanis@rocketmail.com.

Thanks for the time and I hope that y’all are having fun wherever you are.



State Controlled Radio encourages you to promote Independent Music, Progressive Free Thought & to create PEACE! (War Is Over If You Want It)...SCR is heard every Sunday at noon & Monday at 10 pm PDT on BZoO Homegrown Radio [www.bzoo.org].

jon kanis * musician, producer, writer, artist & disc jockey

p.o. box 84653, san diego, ca 92138

www.jonkanis.com * www.myspace.com/jonkanis

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