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Annaconda69's #2 Review

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annaconda69 wrote:

Oh, man! I see some thighs.... You guys are gettin' me all hot & bothered with those pictures! MIKE LICKED MY INK?!? We're bound together now.... Oh, be still my heart.... Don't worry, Mike, it's regular Sharpie ink. I've snorted enough Sharpie ink & I'm still normal, ingestin' a bit shouldn't hurt more than a few brain cells....

Where do I begin....? Oh, damn, now I've got an earworm. After Friday's gig I thought I'd be deaf for sure but apparantly the old ears can still take it. & the old bod can still live on four hours sleep. I did manage to string a couple of sentences together throughout the day.

I got to spend the night with my brother's gear & woke up lookin' at all this equipment, lol. Now, if I can get good enough to play some.... But the guitars are all righty, dang it. We spent the day hanging out at his house & gettin' directions to Fullerton & playin' phone tag with Knobbettes than headed out after the traffic died down. That boy knows how to get around traffic, we got to Fullerton in an hour!

Met up with Bon, Belinda, Athena & Relic (I didn't know yer hubby was so cute, Athena, you go girl!) & Athena's sis, Saraw, Susie & Kevin.... anyone I left off from the sushi bar, please forgive me, I'm terrible with names. Had a beer there & was on tenterhooks for the Festivities to BEGIN! There should be a gig to go to every night, I'd weigh 105 again! I hate to eat when I'm goin' to a gig....

Oh, I did make Bon swear she didn't feel up my Buddy when she met him.... You didn't, did you?!? I think that may have been Julie with him too. Hope it was 'cause Julie feels poorly a lot & doesn't get to go on the road much these days. I know Buddy likes it when she comes out with him. Pray for her guys to feel better....

We headed on over to check out the Imperial Ballroom (we were actually very early, shock) & they couldn't have been nicer to everyone. Except they forgot to turn the air on. Damn, I kan't remember the opening band's name? Mark got their CD & they played a fine country-rockabilly set for two people! I'm nearsighted & didn't realize they only had a suitcase for drums....

I was gettin' ready to throw all my clothes off when Lizzy saved everyone & suggested we go get some air during intermission.... Man, the DK's weren't even on & I was havin' a hot flash.... Thank
, Lizzy for hangin' out long 'nuff with me & chattin'! It was fun....

Suprise, when we went back in there was air! Yeah, you know yer gettin' old when air conditionin' makes you happy. I got a drinkie & the band came on.... YEAH!!! I love it when people let me mosey my way down front to find Sparky. Thank you everyone who let me down front! He was takin' notes both nights on who played what durin' what song so when I email him later I'll see if I can get a hold of his notes. He's so anal!

Oh, I'm so glad I was where I was & not back of the crowd 'cause the lights were on low & Ref was bein' the Dance Judge.... Lol.... I am sooo not a sitter when there's rock & roll goin' on. It's totally against my religion. I tried to use Tara as a battering ram to get us front row but noticed there were photogs on the floor so I backed off. I could see Marcia intent on gettin' me that illusive Ass Shot so I kept outta her way too. Go Marcia! You rock!!! You had a great view of our boys....

I just love watchin' these guys work out. Mike's a frickin' master & Jason had that 335 singin' just fine. Totally fine.... Lance can be the bass player in my band any time.... He's solid. Does anyone else notice that Matt gets cuter every day?? Hummm....

I did a little people watchin' around the floor & everyone seemed to be really gettin' into our boys. It's so cool to go to an industry event & have people into the band. The yellin' & applause told it all. Sorry to the lady in front of me for yellin' into yer big hair all night but I couldn't help myself. They were hot! & oh, my, when that tall, lanky thing, Peter Stroud, came out & they did those three-ways.... Oh,

I didn't want it to end.... But, when it did & we were all wandering about I had another suprise! That sweet young thang Matt signed my pick-guard & I got Lance to sign too.... things were lookin' up. Than Ref came out & said "go back, they're inside!" I couldn't.... I made her take me back like a little kid, lol.... Thank you, Mrs. Jason for sharing yer Ape with me! My DK's tee (Matt & Lance had signed my tee back in '04, lol at Munro's) & pick-guard were lookin' better & better.... Than Ref tells me to ask Mike. I'm like I'll just stand here & drool instead, I'm in the same room, that's as good as it gets. Why I'm sooo nervous when I see the Man is beyond me. Heck, I've met him before goin' into the Men's Room even! Thank you, Ref, for askin' Mike for me!!!

....note to the DK's: don't get upset 'cause Mike gets his own paragraph but he's been one of my Guitar Gods for a looonnng time....

So, Ref brings me over to where Mike is chattin' with Carol & I wait my turn.... I sheepishly say hey to Mike & give him a little hug & ask him if he'd do me the pleasure (get yer heads out of the gutter) of signin' Honey's pick-guard & a few pictures.... I bring out this Big Assed envelope I've been totin' around all weekend & take out my pics & Sharpie (my other Sharpie's were floatin' around backstage 'cause I came prepared!) for him. He goes "Why so many pictures?" Lol, there's eight of them, two sets of my fave two pics of him from the Berkeley gigs I went to. I told him how there were a few people who couldn't make the gigs & I was gettin' them for them. I told him about ZombieZookeeper & how he followed TP&THB across the US for the past two tours & made myself really tall & still holdin' my imaginary camera taping him, lol, I think he kinda understood that I wasn't totally obsessed with him! Oh, Mike said he liked my pictures! I just about died right there!!! I was in Heaven when he said that! I didn't want to bogart Mike's time 'cause other people wanted to chat so I hugged him again & told him thanks for all the years of great music & backed off.... Thanks, Mike! Yer a gent & you smell good after a gig, too.

Than I asked that tall thing, Peter Stroud, since he was an honary Knob if he'd sign Honey's pick-guard & guess what? He's a lefty. Plays righty but he's a lefty. I asked him if he noticed anythin' funny & he goes "yeah, it's a lefty Tele, cool".... He was so nice.

I just hope Mike didn't overhear me tellin' Ref I could either die happy now or pee myself, whichever came first.... It was so sweet of them to have people back to visit & have pics taken & all. Than it was time.... time to get a move on & let them have some peace.

Oh, we saw Matt on the way out & asked him when the next gigs were.... I said somethin' "Anna" 'bout havin' more weekend gigs & I'll be sick all those weekends & he kinda gave me a look than Marion & Ref chimed in "She works weekends!" Thanks ladies for clarifyin' that one!

I thanked Chinner for being so nice on the way out (you're one hard workin' man, Chinner!) & we all made our way to our cars to go our seperate ways.... That's when it hit me, the weekend was over.... {{{sigh}}}.... nooo....

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