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Troubadour Shows: Review and Pics

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Oh geez, Kianna...now I'm going to have to deal with that disgusting mental picture all day long! :icon_laugh:

That camoflauge mini skirt was my favorite, LMAO! I voted that "outfit of my trip" award. Hysterical! :043:

Kianna, those pictures are really great. I STILL have yet to take mine to be developed! I have been so darn busy... hopefully I will take them within the next few days.

I also loved hanging out with you.. except for the fact that a few people asked if we were related... knowing full well they were thinking I was your mother (even though they didn't say that.. I knew that was what they were thinking, LOL).. hahaha. Though, if I did have a daughter, it'd be cool to have one like you. (I just hate the fact that I AM old enough now to be the mother of someone of your age... gah!) :eek:

When the hell did THAT happen?

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