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Miami Steve

Danny Roberts injured in car accident

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Danny continues to improve, as today he has moved to another room our of SICU. He was able to answer several questions, example "what year" correctly with some other very good responses to other questions, however the same questions shortly after he was moved into his new room, had different answers. Danny will be starting the hard work on rehab. and has a long road to travel. Prayers and your comments help Danny and his family as you probably know. Danny had a brother (Freddy) that was killed in a car wreck in Lakeland many years ago, his sister has been in a car wreck (70's) was in a coma and had two knee replacements, so this is way too familiar territory for this family. I know you have been given our website to keep up with Danny's progress, but please look over the photos of the Mudbreakers that was just one week before this crash occured with Danny and his wife. By the way his wife Babs, is okay and was released the same day of the accident. So far Danny endured 6 or 7 hours of surgery on his head the day of the accident, and 3 days later his sense of humor emerged soon after he woke up. By the way about 700 friends showed up to see Danny, DanBob, DAgggrrr Roberts play his heart out at the Polk Theatre in Lakeland on the beautiful April star filled night in Lakeland.

Thanks from his personal friends to you all !

PS: You will be notified (if you wish) to be invited to the "DR Recoverd Tour", some day soon!


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