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Miami Steve

Danny Roberts injured in car accident

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:):):)I am so happy to have a good report to give you. This morning when Babs and I were driving to see Danny at 9 am, we were both praying for progress. When we got there, he could clearly recognize us. I asked him if he could see me and he nodded yes. The neurosurgeon came in and asked him to obey some simple commands and he got an "A". Then they took the bolt out of his head that measures brain pressure (not in front of us!) When we came back at 1 pm, they had taken the tubes out of his throat (extubated him.) and he has an oxygen mask on. He is not supposed to talk but he said hey Bro to Terry and smiled. He tried to talk to Babs and I some. Some of it was pretty screwed up, but we don't know if that's the brain injury or the medication.He doesn't know about his left eye--one thing at a time. BUT YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING!!! Please keep them coming because he has a long road ahead.

We hope that he will be moved out of SICU to a step-down unit in a couple of days and then he will be able to have other visitors. I promise to keep you posted. He is being assessed by physical therapy, occupational therapy, eye docs and facial surgeons. I'll let you know!

I am so happy--I feel like this is the first breath I've taken since 11:15 Friday morning. Babs and Terry send their love and appreciation for all your support.

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