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Miami Steve

Danny Roberts injured in car accident

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Greetings to All Ya'll,

Just got back from down in Tampa, where a bunch of old friends of mine threw a little gathering to help me through the accident stuff. It was thoroughly over-whelming, as I saw alot of old buds and former accomplices. 4 teen-combos, plus a mass jam at the end of the night and I think people danced and it was a rainless gig, so it was a great gathering. I must thank Johnny G. Lyons and his band JGLB. He got it all together with everybody at "Skippers", the legendary blues-palace, where I've seen John Lee Hooker, Bobby Bland and a gazillion other blues-meisters. Many thanks to "Skippers". Big thanks to everybody that joined-in on the fun. Memories, indeed.

Humbledly Yours, Danny Roberts

You ROCKED at Skippers DanBob--what an awesome day it was. Photographs forthcoming along with the long time missing but found again tape of POWER...yes, it's true, after the Skippers event I went back into that room full of stored items and was miraculously moved to open a small metal "Iowa Hawkeyes" box in which was in fact one 1970 tape of POWER.

You rocked then and you rock now! We are the ones who were 'whelmed!

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Hey Dynabeat T & Everybody,

Thanks for the kind words and welcome. Yeah, I'm pretty-well back, but I'm still having little brain-farts along the way back towards 'normalcy' and all. They're little remnants from having been 'brain-damaged' and having almost 8-hours of brain-surgery to remove glass and dirt from my computer. I had some of the most bizarre dream-sequences during that whole time. Then, on about the tenth day after that period, I had a heavy 'embolism' - blood-clot - in my left lung that could've taken me out, so I had to be moved back to the first hospital and dealt with there, so I was a real 'basket-case' while there. Comatose for a bit. When I started coming out of the 'coma' they'd put me into, I was on another planet. But then I started making a series of daily computer-upgrades, where my brain would re-install all sorts of stuff and in bigger doses on a nightly period. Every morning I'd get the feeling that I was getting another 'chunk' of my life back, so it was a real 'up-ward' type of recovery. I'd get more and more memories back in my brain, while getting little pieces of my left-hand back whenever I woke up each day. My hand's back to about 99%. A major nerve that runs between your elbow and hand got almost completely cut, so I didn't have any hand control when I first woke-up, but then got more back each day, usually 4 to 5% pieces per day. Same with my face, probably from brain-surgery. But all my doctors say I'm lucky to be recovering to this extent at such a fast pace, so I'm feeling quite 'lucky' at this point. Going through stuff like this makes everything else seem so minor in comparison. Stuff that appeared quite important prior to the 'wreck' all seems so trite afterwards. Makes you 'defrag' yer personal computer, perhaps do several 'cleanings' whilst sweeping out old stuff that doesn't mean very-much anymore. Kinda does the same thing musically-speaking as well. But it does screw with your sleep-schedule. That's taking a little longer to straighten-out. But it'll all work it's way back to somewhat normal, just edited a little, emotionally-speaking. It's good to be GETTING back, thanks.

Thanks Muchly, Danny Roberts

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