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Miami Steve

Danny Roberts injured in car accident

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I have followed all the comments and observations made about Danny and his Mudcrutch days but have stayed away from responding. Some of the stuff people wrote was pretty ugly and totally inaccurate. The people that knew Mudcrutch "back in the day" know that, know what an integral part Danny was in getting the recording contract and many of them probably know me. I'm the blonde standing next to Benmont in that famous Mudcrutch Farm picture on the truck.

But I'm trying to put any negativity aside because I'm seeing the outpouring of care and concern for him coming from these posts. He is still not conscious. His left eye is toast and we're not sure if his right eye will also be affected. Until he can repond to commands, they can't remove the tubes so they can assess brain function, etc. However, he is getting so much positive love and prayers sent in his direction, I believe it will help his healing. It sure is helping his wife Babs, me and our brother Terry.

Danny is truly a gifted musician - Tom, Benmont, and Michael can attest to that. If he is able to play guitar again, he'll be ok. Please continue with your good thoughts and prayers.

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