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This initially started as a post in the Dub's thread, but it grew to more and I have more questions I thought the forum might be better able to answer in a full thread.

I live in Gainesville, moved here in 1994 while in between 5th and 6th grade.

Graduated from UF in the fall of this year and was wondering if the people who posted/took the pictures of Dub's could tell me where it is. I recognize the road, but can't put a place in my mind of where to go. So cross streets or the road its on is good enough.

Also, my friends that own a condo right across from UF just off 13th street and the connector of Depot ST/AVE (street name depending on if you use the old mail signs or not). In order to build their condo complex the builders had to tear down Tom Petty's home that he lived in here in Gainesville.

Any addresses or other information on some of the bands old hangouts would be appreciated. If you give me an address I'll go snap some pictures and see if I can't add to the Dub's thread for Mudcrutch information.

Any other information like addresses of Benmont's house where they recorded or Mike's or where ever would be helpful

Before I move to South Florida, I'd like to check out all the Petty/Mudcrutch/Epics haunts maybe snap some pics and post them.

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, so any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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Another question sort of on this same topic.. what ever happened to Tom's parents house? Was it sold or kept in the family?

as far as i know, that was the house torn down right off of 13th St to build my friends condo building. gainesville and UF have changed a lot in size and urbanization.

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Since you're in Gainesville you might try the local library to see if they have old telephone books that you could use to look up addresses. Some libraries have them going way back. While you're there you might want to see if they have the Gainesville Sun on microfilm. In the book Conversation with Tom Petty there's a photo of an newspaper clipping about Mudcrutch from the June 24, 1973 edition but it doesn't show the entire article.

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His Parents house is still standing, It is located Behind St. Patricks School, over on the NE side of Town. It is Right near NE Park and Main St. His Old Buddy, that grew up with him and gave him the Elvis Albums, gave some of us a tour of the area that they hung out at, a couple of years ago. His dads Shelter was recently removed from the Backyard, but I heard that the guys would go out there and play. Would have been cool to get a brick from that.

Dubs is on 13th St, down almost to 53rd Ave, Before the New Home Depot. If your heading from 13th and 39th ave. it is on the Left hand side.

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Trader Tom’s Topless Bar, 2212 SW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL

The Keg, 201 SW 16th Avenue, Gainesville, FL (corner of S. Main Street and S. 16th Ave.)

Dub's, 4562 NW 13th St. (Hwy. 441), Gainesville, FL

Granfalloon, corner of SW 13th Street and SW 16th Ave.

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Front gate to Tom's Malibu estate




One day I drove north of Malibu up Pacific Coast Hwy. to find Tom's house.  

There was no way to get a view of his house: 1st gate to his private road, and 2nd gate to his house.

Edited by Jon Fetsch

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On another of my expeditions, I set out to find TPATH Van Nuys Clubhouse/Recording studio where MOJO was recorded.  The clubhouse that the winners of Mike Campbell's Clubhouse Dinner Raffle are brought to blindfolded.  I had a few clues:  "Tom Petty goes to work in a Van Nuys warehouse next to an auto shop and an upholsterer."  But after about 30 days there was another clue that pointed the way to the Clubhouse.


I talked to the upolsterer in his office, but he waved behind him across the street to another warehouse where he saw guys with guitars, saying the warehouse connected to his was empty (I didn't believe him, I knew better...).  He said "Your talking about a rock band from the '70s; I know who your talking about."  But he wasn't going to say.

Another neighbor, a musical instrument storage warehouse, did give me the clear feeling that I was real "hot" on my search for the infamous Clubhouse.
Well, when I came out of the instrument storage warehouse, the white doors across the way were wide open with a distinctive wafting aroma of a sweet, fruity, dank smell permeating my nose.  (Petty) photos on the wall,...Persian rugs on the floor,...That was it!  I saw the Heartbreakers Clubhouse with my own eyes!



Edited by Jon Fetsch

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Bentmont Tench's home


321 NW 23rd Street, Gainesville, FL


Mudcrutch made a demo tape of their best material on a borrowed tape recorder in Judge Tench's living room.


Recorded live to 2-track in Benmont's parent's living room:  On the Street (1973)


[in May  2006 Benjamin (Bentmont) M. Tench III acquired house]







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Only visited the two California locations.  All the addresses were confirmed from a variety of sources.  I think I started the research about 2 years ago, working on it off-and-on.

Edited by Jon Fetsch

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Live Music Venues of Gainesville:  Mudcrutch


The Bent Card

1826 West University Avenue

An early version of Mudcrutch played here before they hired a drummer.

The Bent Card was Gainesville's coffeehouse. It existed for a little over five years, from 1966 to 1970.


Big Daddy's Lounges

1625 SW 13th Street  (Cin City Lounge)

1800 NE 23rd Avenue

The location at SW 16th Avenue and 13th Street, opening January 1970 as the Cin City Lounge, began featuring a DJ named Rudi spinning records. The bar was very popular with the vast student population in the apartments lining 16th Avenue, an area known as “Sin City” which accurately described the combination of affordable student housing, swimming pool keg parties and cheap alcohol, such as the Tuesday Night ten-cent drink specials at Cin City, where a dollar could get you knee-walkin’, commode-huggin’ drunk. Many bands played Cin City including Mudcrutch. By 1973 it was renamed the Sixty-Six Lounge.



(Kit Kat Club/Hootenanny/Locker Room/The Orleans)

4560 NW 13th Street

It was the Kit Kat Dinner club as early as 1950, The Hootenanny in 1962, The Locker Room by April ‘64, then The Orleans, (opening in November  1964) and then  Dub's Steer Room  (Feb ’66), with a restaurant that featured steaks, but it was known by all as Dub’s.


One of Dub's first "house" bands, whose job it was to provide background music for the strippers night after night, was Mudcrutch. A quartet of local boys who played mostly twangy, country-rock type music. Mudcrutch included Tom Petty and his best buddy, Mike Campbell. Today, of course, Tom Petty is Tom Petty and Mike Campbell is his songwriting/record-producing partner in the Heartbreakers.

          Mudcrutch, which underwent several severe personnel changes during its long tenure at Dub's, nearly didn't get the gig at first because they played too much original material. Learn some covers, Dub told them, and I'll put you on stage.

          They did, and Dub did, too.

          For a while, Mudcrutch backed up a steady stream of topless dancers (another of Dub's early crowd attractors). The dancers became a thing of the past at about the same time Mudcrutch moved to Los Angeles, the first step in their transformation into Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

          When the Heartbreakers appeared in Gainesville at the end of January, Petty dedicated the song "Southern Accents" to Dub's memory.

          Stan Lynch, the drummer for the Heartbreakers, says he saw some of his first-ever rock 'n' roll shows at Dub's. He was younger than the guys in Mudcrutch, so Lynch hardly ever performed in Dub's (he was in a band called Road Turkey), but he remembers seeing Bob Seger there. And Foghat. Mudcrutch, too.

          Lynch remembers when driving to Dub's was an adventure, becaue it was so far out of what was then town. And he remembers Dub. "It's significant that a guy who was in his 50s could run a nightclub for young people better than young people could," he says. "I'm always impressed by experience, and the older I get, I acknowledge and appreciate the older people who can stay in business.

          "That's what impresses me about a cat like Dub and his club, more than anything — the guy had it wired. He obviously knew how to run a club for the town. Whatever he did, it did it for 25 years. He must've had something on the ball."


The Keg 1973>Crusty Sean's 1976>Diamond Jim's  

201 SW 16th Avenue

A converted MiniMart store turned beer bar/lounge in 1972.  Mudcrutch and  Road Turkey played a two-week run at The Keg in ’72, alternating sets, July and August, Jules Verne Band also played there.


Suburbia Drive-In Theater  

2713 NW 13th Street

Outdoor theater that occasionally presented live music. Concerts: Johnny Winter, Power, Mudcrutch and others.


Teen Time (in Gainesville Recreation Center)

516 NE 2nd Avenue

Keith Harben says:  TP and I would walk here every Friday night from our homes on NE 6th Terrace to hear the bands that often played. One day TP told me that they were going to be playing a very special record that night. So there I stood by TP at Teen Time to hear for my first time a group called the Beatles. That changed Tom's thoughts about music from that day forward because until the English invasion, he had been a solidly an Elvis fan.


Mudcrutch played at my 9th grade prom dance here in 1972.


University of Florida:  Plaza of the Americas

Many free concerts were held on this three-acre lawn on the UofF campus over the’60s and ‘70s, with bands playing in  front of the library terrace or in the middle of the Plaza.


University of Florida:  The Rathskellar Johnson Hall (Academic Advisory Center)

Opening in January 1969, the “Rat” was the first campus facility to serve beer.


University of Florida:  University Auditorium

Built in the mid-‘20s and with seating for 843, the University Auditorium was never designed for loud rock music but there were plenty of loud rock shows in the venue, with sound bouncing off the elaborately carved wood interior paneling. Carlos Montoya, Paul Winter Consort, John Jacob Niles, Peter Paul, and Mary; Ravi Shankar, Lynard Skynard, RGF, Power, Celebration, Mudcrutch, Cowboy, New Days Ahead, Blackfoot, Dr. Hook, Todd Rundgren.


Mudcrutch Festivals

2203 NW 45th Avenue

A series of music festivals at the “Mudcrutch Farm” organized by Mudcrutch with assistance from Jeffrey Meldon. Although there were supposedly three, only two are documented with posters and advertisements. The second one attracted people from all over the state and southern Georgia.

1. Sunday Dec 13, 1970 with Weston Prim and Blacklash

2. January 23, 1971

Edited by Jon Fetsch

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Ron Blair became part of a Gainesville rock band called RGF (the initials stood for different things on different occasions).


RGF played @ University of Florida:  University Auditorium


RGF was Gainesville's resident loud and sloppy "hard rock" band.

Ron Blair says RGF was "like the Who, or a little nastier."


"We [RGF & Mudcrutch] used to play a lot of the same gigs," Blair remembers.  "Or even throw gigs--we used to rent the University Auditorium, split the gig and split the money."

"They [Mudcrutch] were into  a different kind of rock than the band I was in.  But they were real good, and they had their own following around there.  We did, too, but maybe a little more of the degenerates."

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