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Annaconda69's Last Two Knob Reviews #1

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Marion - Thank you SO much for these.

annaconda69 wrote:
surfnburn wrote:
nurktwin wrote:

well i just happenened to be with alot of women that are in the age of 'hot flashes' lolololololololol.

You are in SO much trouble!!!!! LOL!!!

Omgawd! How can I be havin' hot flashes? I'm only 29....

You guys are killing me here....

Ok, I actually wrote my review out on the bus, lol, so I'll see if I can read it.

Where do I start? Ok, Friday: Why is the frickin' gate for
plane always the farthest from the terminal & why does my carry-on get sooo heavy after I've thrown all but the essentials out??

I love flying.... I actually do. I love to people watch & airports/planes are great for that. The rubberband on our plane broke so we were delayed 45 minutes & of course my air thingie wasn't workin'. Figures. Thanks, nurk for waitin' for me & Beth & thanks, Lotta for gettin' us all!!

It was so much fun hangin' out with sooo many Farmers/Knobbettes @ the Majik Castle before Friday's gig. Man, I wanna stay there! It's lovely & they took such good care of everyone. Thank you, nurk for lendin' me yer bedroom (again
) to get ready in.... Ya coulda come in, lol....

The Viper Room.... It was actually a nice little club. I like little, intimate clubs. I loved the cocktail waitress who had on the striped corset, we compaired Hello Kitty gear, lol. I want her waist!!! Drinks were a tad expensive but at least they didn't have a Two Drink Minimum or push 'em on ya. They were stiff so I wasn't complainin'. Note: bring yer big bag & yer pint in next time. Thanks, Sparky, for the pint!

I'm such a snob - I didn't wanna sit/stand through two opening bands but it actually wasn't half bad (partly thanks to my new Donald J Pliners, they're comfy as all git out). The kids from Pittsburg were full of energy & played pretty good. Note to Strangeway: Bring Sharpies with yer CD next time but ya can keep mine this time. If I were opening for Mike Campbell I doubt if I'd remember how to play my cow bell, I'd be like a deer in the headlights. The second band, Merle Jagger, I got into. I love country & good country guitar pickers.... can't get enuff of them. Where the hell was their CD??? I'd have bought that for sure.

Oh, man, the doorman! Note to Viper Room: Chill yer doorman (No smokin' in line, not everyone smokes. It's Rock & Roll, next yer gonna say no drugs inside! But, I havta thank Casper for lettin' my brother, Sparky, in ahead of me w/o the Will Call printout info. That was nice of you, I know you could've been a total dick & made him wait in the "Smokin' Lounge" until I got there. So, that was cool.... & thanks for tellin' me about that step, I'd have been face down if not for you.

Thank Gawd I smoke 'cause if I hadn't have gone outside when I did for a ciggie I wouldn't have seen Ref motionin' to me to go bug Chinner about passes for Saturday's gig. Why I'm such a scardy cat sometimes is beyond me! Oh, I know, when I'm workin' I hate it when people bug me. So, I introduce myself & shake his hand & ask about Saturday's gig & he says: Where's yer reciepts? Ummm, inside with my big assed purse with the two useless cameras I brought (I'm sooo blonde - I came with one camera with a dead battery & the other with no memory card.... found it in the bottom of my bag today
).... but I swore to him I'd run back in & get 'em, I had three just in case someone needed one. He was all it's ok & hands me two passes. He's really a sweety but don't tell, I think that's his cover.

I'm all giddy by this time & helped Ref guard the gear until load in was done. Hell, I figured Chinner was nice enough to give me passes w/o the reciepts & Ref's little. If anyone tried to make off with anythin' I could sit on them.... I did touch Mike's Camel Toe just a little.... Of course I didn't play with the settings, I'm not a total dork!

Man, I met a bunch of people outside too! Hey, joeyb, what's up?!? Wtf didn't you go the next night??? You do know you missed all the topless dancers, don't you?!? Shoulda, woulda, coulda....

Sparky was holdin' down my spot down front behind Dreamgirl & her birthday girl pal so I got back after load in & got ready to get my head blown off. Dreamgirl, I told you to trust in Karma & you'd get in the next night

Setlist has been posted already so I won't go there. I did miss Blow Up Yer Stereo though.... I love, love, LOVE watchin' Mikey play up close & he seems to have so much fun playing with these guys. I had a perfect vantage point to watch Matt, too. Man, not only is he a great drummer but he's such a cutie to oogle.... And, Matt is so intent on what he's playin' & watchin' Mike for cues. I'm a little bit jealous - Matt's got the best vantage point for checkin' out Mike's ass, lol. I know yer not, Matt, but I was thinkin', damn, that's a pretty good seat in the house too! Lance is a fuckin' Rock, he holds that bottom end down & doesn't break a sweat. It's so fun to watch Jason interactin' with Mike - a great player in his own right but never seems to overplay. Hey, Jason! Next gig I wanna see a cuttin' contest between you & Mikey. Give that man a run to the bridge & back! Lol....

I do love it when Mike & Jason get into their call & response leads & those double leads.... You can just see it in their faces they like playin' together. It's sooo cool to see a great band of players who don't seem to have any ego trips or drama goin' on. Just havin' a good time & playin' some Butt Kickin' rock & roll. Isn't that what Life's all about?!?

I didn't get a chance to corner Mike afterwards but I did chat with Matt for a sec. Yes, I did restrain myself from pinchin' his ass.... barely. Thanks for the compliment on my coat, Matt, yer so sweet. And, how did you remember me out of all the gurls that must be after you? Must be the eyebrows, lol! Ladies, he's taken but if he ever comes on the market - grab him. He's so sweet....

The night seemed to go by so quick.... Thank good ness we'd made plans for a brew afterwards.... & those 40 pizzas!

Oh, it was hotter than a pistol (did I mention I LOVE Loaded Gun?!?) in the Viper Room friday & it wasn't 'cause they had no air on....

....edited 'cause I kan't spell....

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Hey there Linda,.. Sparky here,.. I just read Anna's review of the Viper show. That was the 1st one for me, the night before Imperial Ballroom I, and see why,... in print that you all were so close to her. She was a pure crack up and spot on with her cute verbage... I thank you for this ability to look back on someone, my little sis, that I knew differently. and loved dearly. We were getting in the last years closer and hanging out more and talking on the phone often, thru the bands and music... This is gonna be fun, looking thru her old posts and archiving her words and thoughts, rejuvinating old memories for me of a cool rocker sister... Thanks,.. Keep me posted of any place I need to go to and register to read more please.. Ciao, Mark,.. Sparky

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Thank you Marion and Linda for putting this up again. I remember that night vividly. It was a blast. It was one of my first as well. So much fun.

Anna coming in to our room laughing will always be remembered.

(Sparky, please pm me your addy. I have some pics for you)

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