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S.B. show last night...

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I had a blast last night with Mudcrutch.

They really sounded amazing. And they looked like they were really enjoying themselves and it was clearly felt by me.

(I had to walk backwards through a room of fire while blindfolded to be there last night, and it was worth every single second of the week it took me to walk through that fire room.)

The song list was perfectly laid out. I really can’t say enough. Voiceless and speechless, I suppose.

I totally loved the encore song picks.

I think the show was absolutely wonderful, the venue made me actually say "wow" out loud and M.C. made me lose my voice TOTALLY. (:045: Couldn’t scream loud enough for him.:045:)

And of course, plus the screaming for the whole band.

Thank you Mudcrutch and all involved in bringing these guys back together to show us once again, just how amazing they truly are.

Had a wonderful night...now having a day of not hearing my own voice and playing my guitar and still blown away by the great night I had with Mudcrutch last night.


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