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Hoodoo Man

"Special surprise 9/18" on TPR

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On September 22, 2020 at 9:25 AM, Hoodoo Man said:

Not a fan of the cheesy video effects

I agree but maybe the f/x are good, they should just lean into the cheesiness. I think the kids nowadays would call them "Dad Rock" ha ha.

However I don't see the point of wearing a mask and playing drums or bass. 

Since they pulled this together, I think a show through zoom or whatever (If they're not going to be in the same room together) would be good at this point. Just play some new songs, jam, play some covers, some TPATH and if it's a ramshackle affair, well...so what? People will just be watching for the fun energy of it, not clinical perfection.

Thanks for sharing Hoodoo.


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