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Lighting Expert needed

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OK, here's what I want to do. Take a standard light string with E-26 bases(think patio lights) and put S-14 bulbs in them. Or even a standard Chistmas led or incandescent light set. Then I want to get a box that can make these lights into true CHASER lights. IS that possible or is a box that can do this non-existant? If you know of any magic box that can do this, answer with links to the box and where I can buy one. I've found a couple sets with the E-26 base and S-14 bulbs, but they are made in China and have plug-in bulbs (NOT screw-in) and they don't sell replacement bulbs, that makes them worthless. When a bulb burns out, you have to buy another 48 foot set that costs $120. Thanks...............Nurktwin

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