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^    That was a morning radio show from Pittsburgh that aired every morning from about 5am til 10am. It was funny and we listened to it every morning on our drives to work around Ohio, PA, WV and more. It made fun of everyone, no matter what nationality they were or what color they were. It was funny and EVERYONE laughed at the shows. AND NO ONE bitched that it was white or black, they just had fun with it. That IS GONE today with the NON LEADERS we have today. People think they lost their freedoms by wearing a mask and told to stay home, but they have a GIANT lesson to learn soon by defying these orders and many are already in hospitals learning that now. The Farm is closing soon and we are all loosing a part of our lives with it. We've been here 20 years, met tons of people and became friends and traveled around the world together to see TPATH. We will all miss Tom and the band, But I think we'll all miss each other more that actually met, talked, partied, traveled together and even vacationed together for all those years. We may never see each other again after this site closes, and that's not a good thing. I hope everyone here tries to keep in touch with me in the future. I'll miss everyone here......nurk_twin@hotmail.com

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