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What are your Top 10 Live TPATH performances?

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What are some of your favorite live TPATH performances?

In no particular order...
1) Even the Losers from the '89 bootleg. I like both electric and acoustic versions but this one is just special, perhaps because of the long drawn out pause towards the end, just a stripped back, vulnerable touching version.
2) Two Men Talking Mannheim 2012---An excuse to jam. This and the night before, an excuse to let Ron Blair have the spotlight!
3) Running Down A Dream from '89---the longest version I've heard, with a bit of interesting harmonics (?) from Mike towards the end. If someone has a longer version with the solo extended even further, please share.
4) Psychotic Reaction from Take the Highway---Stan singing, high energy, Mike (or Tom) raking the strings, what is not to enjoy?
5) Kings Highway from '93---Far superior to the original; weak bombast that's not enough to be anthemic nor a good pop-rock song, stripped back to a delicate, tender tune, way more powerful by being slower and gentler.
6) Travelin' Light from Jazz Fest---thanks to Redford for introducing me to this one. 
7) Melinda maybe from Live anthology---not sure what version to pick; but a definite live highlight.
8) Too Much Ain't Enough from Red Rocks '02---They really energized this song on that tour but this remains my favorite, for the extra riff thrown in towards the end during the double-time part, feels like the whole band is about to explode on stage.
9) DiamondHead from '95---not sure from where at the moment but Mike throws in a bit of the Breakdown riff and the solo from Smells LIke Teen Spirit. It struck me today that it had been  aear since Cobain died, maybe that's why he threw it in. Who knows, but he transofmrs the noisy manic aggresive original into an echoey, spacey lament. Powerful Amazing.
10) Don't Come Around Here No More from Take the Highway---to my knowledge the only version (though really this whole tour) where the band stretches out that ending while Tom egnages in his showbiz schtick with the ex-presidents. While that may or may not get old to watch and I've never been impressed with the peae sign, pretty lame, as a symbol it looks like a bird's talon ro something, musically the really go the sitance. On top of it, the whole song prior to it intoro and all make this something special.

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