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Yer So Bad solo

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Thanks Peter!
How was this not listed on MikeMono's Rare Tom Petty Media?? :)

Why am I getting some country vibes here? Maybe it's the shirt.

Tom Petty Unplugged.

Whoa. Wait a minute. Imagine an entire album of songs in this vein, delivered this way. I could definitely see this as something that Tom would've done later in life, something that he'd be interested in. This year Tom would've been Tom's 70th birthday.

Close your eyes and imagine, with me, if Tom Petty reconnecting with Rick Rubin during the All The Rest project a few years ago. And Tom casually mentions to Rick how much he loves Cash's first album on American Recordings. "You know, Rick, that first album you did with Cash was really special." (starts singing Delia, Oh Delia...) They both pause and look at each other...as if thinking the same thing at the exact moment. Rick jumps in first. "Holy crap. Let's do it...WITH YOU! We'll follow the exact format that I did with Johnny. You come sit on my couch, just you and your guitar. You can play any song you want, and I'll just hit the record album. And we'll put the album out just like that." Tom nods, delivers that sly smile of his.

Now, close your eyes a little more and imagine the album coming out like this:

Tom Petty: Troubadour (American Recordings, 2020)

Tom Petty: vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica

1. King's Highway

2. Wildflowers

3. Free Fallin'

4. Yer So Bad

5. Square One

6. Walls

7. Trailer

8. Orphan Of The Storm

9. To Find A Friend

10. The Waiting

11. The Ballad Of Easy Rider

12. Southern Accents



Excuse me if I have some place in my mind...where I go time to time...


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38 minutes ago, RedfordCowboy said:

Excuse me if I have some place in my mind...where I go time to time...

Another great what-if post, from the mind that brought you the infamous Mindbender.

And hey.. that is great thinking! (Hello..? Can I open my eyes now..?)

Although TPATH did at least a little bit of leaning that way (with Bridge School, obviously - '88 and '94 most notably - for example) I often thought how nice if Tom did more of the kind on his own, from his own heart and on record. An album like the one you imagine would have been great. It's easy taking the que for such album when hearing that solo Yer So Bad, isn't it. To be fair, though, "American Recordings" even initially - that is before it developed into an arguebly more calculated enterprise and a formula (in part thanks for TPATH, by the way) - was of even looser shape than what you seem to suggest. This can be heard on that first album in the series, and is noticeble from the song selection. That is "play whatever you want" is to be taken quite literally as WHATEVER you want - not only your own songs. Sing us some favorites, please. (Personally I would've dreamed of one or two less obvious songs for acoustic treatment as far as including originals go.. songs I hadn't already heard stripped down to the bones, but that's me, and it's no more anyway.. sadly.) 

And yeah.. These things ain't certainly something that just happens - let alone ends up on an album. May not be quite as casual as they want us to think. They do involve some script work, some planning, mulitple takes, and such, I'm sure. Even so - a project like "American Recordings", in the hands and voice of TP would have been extremely cool and interesting thing, to me. Glad you pointed at this "place in your mind". Great stuff. Great thinking. Agreed. 

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