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Big Blue Sky

a cover - I thought it was their own song

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I was listening to the radio yesterday  and heard the awesome Well Alright by Blind Faith (1969) being utterly butchered covered by someone else.  I was like a horse with my ears pricked up & swivelling towards the speakers - who's that?? that's not Blind Faith! 

Imagine my surprise - when I looked this up, turns out it was originally a song by Buddy Holly (& some other songwriters).  You might already know this but it's new news for me. I learn a new thing everyday!  Even worse, Kid Rock covered it (shudder).  Turns out the one on radio was Lyle Lovett.  Now I have heard it (on youtube) I can see he's done a good job, even if it's not the Blind Faith  "original" cover.  

Well alright - fair enough - my mistake, thank you for your musical contributions and please continue on your way, Mr Lovett.  


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