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Jeeze.. what a relief. I thought this thread was predicting the imminent day of judgement. Didn't care open it for ren days. As it turns out it just wants you to be cautious of the facts that the knobs are not clean. And, frankly, that's not the end of the world. 

Gritty, groovy, great!

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21 hours ago, MaryJanes2ndLastDance said:

I still haven't opened it.

Leave it to you to post inside without opening. 

By the way, "dare" and "ten" are what's askew with my previous post. Other than being silly in general, of course.

In fact, those typos made me have a deeper look... Turns out that my Auto Spell Sheck function has long since turned on me and rendered at least half of everything I ever had to say on these boards utter jibberish. Half my intended reason has been duly warped right from the start. Since the other half is demented by design, I am very happy that some of you still talk to me. Let me just say that.

Lesson learned? AI may know how letters add up to words, but either it just deliberately puts forth it's own twisted nonsensical message at every chance given - much like POTUS' twitter account, presumably* - or it simply lacks every bit of I to the A and just has no idea what I've been trying to say all this time. And frankly, neither do I. So here we are.

Ok. You can open now....




* Nah, by the way. I take that back. No type of intelligence, artificial or otherwise, could ever come up with such cosmic proportions of madness as being launched from that particular black hole. As chance has it any primate with at least one finger and a keyboard would - once it was done scratching its behind and sniffing said finger - come up with more sofisticated stuff than the POTUS account does produce days on end. Much more civilized, at least. I mean, you could supposedly learn to be that crooked and bent, but could you ever learn to be that random and that rude at the same time? Speaking of Armageddon, are we. Well now, picture mentioned primate, with a full set of fingers, toes, keyboard a spell check software (let alone rickety, with it's own agenda, apparenly) and you here are yours truly. Very random, by all means. But at least very polite. Thank you. Please. Good luck. After you.




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