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Guitar pedal?

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9 Tube Screamers in one pedal.  Cool idea, but I can't see it for me.  I have my one Keeley modified TS-9 that I've had for years, and I love it.  I actually sent it back a couple of years ago because the LED was really dim and they were great about servicing it for no charge.  2 thumbs up for Robert Keeley.  This guy in the video is a big fan of Keeley too.  

Having said all that, my Tube Screamer is off my board right now for the first time ever because I've been test driving that Camel Toe for the last month.  I don't like it better than the Tube Screamer.  It does some different things though.  Jury is still out on that, but I'm leaning toward selling it.  I'm still trying different combinations of guitars and amps, but yeah. 

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