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'Long Way From Home' (Original Mudcrutch Demo)

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    • By Rockrob
      On the one-year anniversary of Tom Petty’s passing, let’s rewind and take a listen to the band that has best represented American Rock music in the past 40 years. Giving them the nod as the quintessential American rock and roll band is no small honor. Petty and his boys owned the package of accessibility, writing, passion and sweet-ass rock and roll hooks. Here for you, my friends, is the RockForward list of Petty’s 7 Essential Albums (and a couple that were too good to leave off).
      Rockforward.com Tom Petty Essential 7
    • By MuddyandMagnolia
      Hey all,
      I don't know how much info to give on myself, as I wouldn't want to bore the audience here. However, I've been playing guitar since I was 13, my father could play a song after hearing it once, I, however, can not.
      That being said, I never learned to read music for guitar (only viola) so who here knows the best site to get Tom Petty songs tablature? Hey if you even have your own I'd love it. There are a few songs I got lucky with and can play by ear or just by watching Tom play it (I ain't no lead guitarist) but I would really love some help as some sites translate for piano and it sounds/looks rotten.
      Thank you much,
    • By JoshDezern
      May 6th will be my first Tom Petty concert. What have they had for sale at merch tables in the past that they may have again this tour?
    • By mikeroeder
      Yesterday the sign-up for Highway Companions went up at http://www.tompetty.com/become-member
      They mention two live concert downloads. Based on the Kiss My Amps vinyl series, I'm guessing one or both of these might become the April 2017 RSD release.
        MUDCRUTCH LIVE AUDIO: 2016! Digital audio download of live performances from the 2016 Mudcrutch tour, selected by Tom. (Expected availability mid-December 2016/early January 2017. Members will receive an email with download instructions as soon as available.)
        TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS AUDIO: FROM THE 2014 FENWAY PARK CONCERT! Digital audio download of live performances from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at Fenway Park August 30th 2014—previously released only as a broadcast video. (Expected availability mid-December 2016/early January 2017. Members will receive an email with download instructions as soon as available.)
    • By helenreddymades
      I found two ads for Mudcrutch gigs from page 18 of the Naples Daily News Fri 22 Sept. 1972 & page 18 Williamsport Sun Gazette (PA) Fri. 23 Apr. 1971.  Anybody know any more about these tours?

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