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I went to Cleveland Clinic yesterday for tests and scans. All the Dr's (4) had big smiles and said I was doing great and "cancer free" as of now. I have to go back every 3 months for now for checkups. A 2nd major operation was in the works to help make my tongue move more and put a trough on the bottom left side of mouth for saliva to flow backwards to stomach instead of forward out of mouth. That operation would make it easier for me to talk and eat, but I'm not ready for another major surgery. But, they now say that since the tongue and mouth are doing so well, that I can do a minor outpatient surgery (1 1/2 hour) to free up tongue and put trough in mouth and I can go home the same day. The 2 surgeons will work together as they did on my 1st operation. The 1st will cut and repair and the 2nd is a plastic surgeon that will put me back together with such tiny stitches that you can't see them! So far everything looks good, I think I'll go out today and buy something to drink, nothing in the house!!!!! TTYL...................Nurktwin.

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