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the dirty knobs WRECKLESS ABANDON

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The Dirty Knobs : Wreckless Abandon

Track list

1. Wreckless Abandon
2. Pistol Packinā€™ Mama (feat. Chris Stapleton)
3. Sugar
4. Southern Boy
5. I Still Love You
6. Irish Girl
7. Fuck That Guy
8. Donā€™t Knock The Boogie
9. Donā€™t Wait
10. Anna Lee
11. Aw Honey
12. Loaded Gun
13. Donā€™t Knock The Boogie (Coda)

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I got lucky, two dates within an hour and a third in striking distance if I really reach...Ā  Doubt Brooklyn will happen for me. I did notice they have a few days inbetween dates so I am hoping for second shows in Allston and Derry NH as both venues hold about 600 on average.Ā  Ā still waiting for the HC email with presale. I expect to miss tickets on one of the two shows due to demand.Ā  fingers crossed for Wed!!!


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9 hours ago, Yannick said:

Finally! I can't wait for the CD!

But where is "I Sang My Balls Off For You"?

8 hours ago, MaryJanes2ndLastDance said:

Ā It's too sensitive a title.

Aww, was that one you wanted Yannick? Ā Too bad. Ā Maybe they'll play it live though. Ā I read they recorded too many to include.Ā 

Welcome back MaryJanes2ndLast Dance. Maybe...Ā on other hand, they have includedĀ 7th track's title : )Ā 

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the dirty knobsĀ  WRECKLESS ABANDON

Wreckless Abandon ā€“ 6:01
Pistol Packinā€™ Mama ā€“ 4:15
Sugar ā€“ 4:40
Southern Boy ā€“ 4:46
I Still Love You ā€“ 5:19
Irish Girl ā€“ 4:28
Fuck That Guy ā€“ 3:14
Donā€™t Knock The Boogie ā€“ 6:57
Donā€™t Wait ā€“ 5:00
Anna Lee ā€“ 3:45
Aw Honey ā€“ 3:06
Loaded Gun ā€“ 4:02
Donā€™t Knock The Boogie (Coda) ā€“ 1:01

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