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Conversations with Tom Petty: Expanded Edition release date

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Amazon was still showing the wrong date as of a couple of days ago but Paul Zollo posted on the Tom Petty Nation FB page a month or two back that the book was unfortunately going to be delayed as you mention above. 


I'm looking forward to the expanded edition, I pre-ordered a copy when it was announced sometime late last year and I'm really curious if my Kindle will get updated for free or not.  Paul did mention he planned to do some kind of nation wide book tour when it comes out to do readings and signings but no idea how extensive a tour it will be.... 

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This link says February also:


I'm not sure if I will get this; I have the original and wonder how "expanded" it's going to be.   I think one reason for the new edition is that the old edition was out of print, and yet due to continued interest in TP there were people paying something like $200 for a used copy of the original book.  So they may think that it's worth printing and decided to "expand" it to get existing owners to buy it again. 

I had assumed that the "conversations" were a complete transcript of everything they talked about (at least everything relevant to TP's music/band/life) so how could they "expand" this?   Did Zollo and TP have more interviews/conversations after 2005, which have gone unmentioned and unpublished until now?  


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