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Official Tom Petty forum down?

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I joined years ago for the opportunity to buy concert tickets early, and down close to the stage, and that always worked great. Plus we got "fan club only" live recordings a few times.  But they haven't asked for renewal money for several years.  Since Tom passed, they have pretty much moved all communication to Facebook, Instagram, etc., so there's been very little going on over there.  The forum has been almost completely dormant, but I still check it once in a while.  The last few days, the forum won't come up at all for me.  I assume it's that way for everyone?

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I went over there and checked. Found this:

Thank you for your interest in The Highway Companions Club! 
We are not accepting new members at this time. 
Current members can still log in 
and access the club and all of the content inside.

And the log in page which I couldn't get past:


I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was inaccessible though with the popularity of facebook/twitter and the current legal turmoils in the Petty camps.

Maybe another member will let you know for sure though.


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It was active a week or so ago.  I suspect they are doing some kind of board maintenance as I cant log in at present. It happens from time to time over there and traffic is VERY slow over there.  I would expect that they would make an announcement if they were planning to close for good.  As long as you were a member in good standing at the end of the 2017 tour they have "Extended membership indefinitely" but are not signing up new members since Tom passed away. 


they did offer pre-sale on a few shows over the years since 2017 and have promoted both Mike and Ben's solo stuff there with announcements for FM and Ben's solo gigs. 

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