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Guitar of the day 7/11/19

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Here's a cheap guitar like Tom's RIC 660/12. If you can't get the real one you might consider this guitar for only $207 with $34 shipping. Case would be extra. Below is a site that sells them and a video of unboxing one and trying it out. As far as I know they come in black or cherry sunburst.

6 string - $207


12 string - $215




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Not an exact Rickenbacker knock-off but pretty close. I doubt you'd see a USA retailer offering this because John Hall (CEO of Rickenbacker) is very aggresive about protecting his copyrights.  A lot of the ones you see coming out of China are exact knock-offs down to the name on the headstock.  People try to sell them used on Craigslist as "copies", but they're actually illegal "counterfeits". Different animal.

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