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A complete TP discography and videography?

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An internet search turns up ...


Well, nothing remotely close to complete.

Looking for everything that has been officially released, both studio and live,.

Albums, b-sides, compilations, VHS and DVDs, fan club releases, even "gray area" stuff like the King Biscuit Flower Hour shows sent to radio stations

If it's by Tom Petty or Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers., I'm trying to chase it down

Has anyone compiled the list of all lists?

I would be so appreciative for the help in finding out what I'm still missing!








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Yeah.. attempts have been made, including sleeve variations, country specific prints and such. Should be here in the forum history somewhere, buried under layers of lava.. Some at the old official boards too. Not sure if any of them are 100% though, but I'd say information close to complete is available somewhere. Discogs.com is a pretty good place to start too. They list most titles, most issues. 

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Well obviously you have a fine & sensible goal!  Hmm, you do have a lot of years to consider...your guys were actively involved in creating a lot of music... Depends on how completist you feel like being. 

If you (or anyone else reading this now or in future) are new to their work, you'll be able to access most but not all of these albums via streaming services like Spotify. Or via people with good musical taste. Ask around. Then if you like it (& you surely will) you can start investing in your collection! Unfortunately for second-hand buyers, people don't discard these readily, so you can't find them in bargain bigs / crate digging very easily. Maybe you'll find the occasional Greatest Hits, but it was their biggest seller! 

  • How about "session work" - musical contributions by Heartbreakers appearing on other people's albums? For example Benmont's career-long involvement in recording... Tom Petty's involvement in creating other people's albums, such as for Del Shannon, or Roy Orbison's last album or the one he produced for Hillman in 2017? 
  • How about songwriting by Tom Petty & Mike Campbell that they didn't record themselves - that other bands covered? 
  • or songs they wrote & contributed to musically, but for someone else, eg Mike Campbell's award-winning best-selling Boys Of Summer with Don Henley? 

Okay, while you're thinking about all that, I'll jot down a list of studio albums. Not counting the unreleased mythical stuff like Wildflowers ! Sob! Also not alternate reality... albums they-should-have-created-but-didn't (like Mindbender suggested by Redford Cowboy)

This doesn't gain me any specialist geek points though. . Let me know which ones I've missed. (Spoiler... I checked after I wrote the list. Yeah, oops, I missed 2... Last DJ a big favorite of mine & Echo, of which I like some & am trying to admire more. I didn't get all the dates, but, hey, I had them in correct order. If I get a list like this significantly wrong, though, my friends & family know it'll be first warning sign of Alzheimer's / not enough sleep. 😀)

  1. 1976 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (TP, bullet belt & leather jacket)
  2. 1978 You're Gonna Get It (smoky blue cover of whole band)
  3. 1979 Damn The Torpedoes (red / pink with TP & Rickenbacker that was next off production line after George Harrison's)
  4. 1981 Hard Promises (TP in music shop or TP's face bleached out in black & white)
  5. 1982 Long After Dark (TP & yellow guitar or TP & guitar saturated in a red light filter)
  6. 1985 Southern Accents (oil painting Veteran in a New Field, which hangs in the Met in NY)
  7. 1985 ...live... Pack Up The Plantation (TP & guitar in full flight wearing planet suit on stage) It's live - but I include in list of studio albums as they compiled songs from different events & mixed it quite carefully. 
  8. 1987 Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) (composite face created by strips from photos)
  9. 1989 Full Moon Fever (TP & guitar against coloured background) though I do love the photo of TP lounging in Campbell's cluttered garage which was the draft cover for Songs From The Garage
  10. 1988 Traveling Wilburys volume #1 recorded after FMF
  11. 1990 Traveling Wilburys volume #3 (there is no volume #2)
  12. 1991 Into The Great Wide Open (oil painting of houses on a winding country road)
  13. 1993 Greatest Hits (image of band - now airbrushed to lose a cigarette & lighter) 2 version, includes either duet Stop Dragging My Heart Around or cover For What It's Worth.  Edit - Oops "Something In The Air" Thunderclap Newman not "For What It's Worth" Buffalo Springfield. 
  14. 1995 Playback box set (stack of tapes on white background)
  15. 1994 Wildflowers (brown cover of 4 small photos including a pointing hand)
  16. 1996 Soundtrack of She's The One (mainly yellow, with actors from film)
  17. 1999 Echo (sorrowful-looking people in a wild flower field. Tom, Mike, Benmont & someone else)
  18. 2000 Anthology Through The Years (TP in striped shirt)
  19. 2002 Last DJ (image of hair...TP's hair? hair model stunt double?)
  20. 2006 Highway Companion (rocket, astronaut & monkey)
  21. 2007 Traveling Wilbury collection (a couple of extra songs)
  22. 2008 Mudcrutch #1 (faceless hipster man with bushy beard like Pa from Laura Ingalls Wilder books)
  23. 2009 Live Anthology (shades of tan & brown - TP & guitar inside a logo circle) 
  24. 2010 Mojo (black, white & red writing with photo of band as a ribbon along top)
  25. 2014 Hypnotic Eye (fuzzy lines in red & green, similar to magic eye puzzles)
  26. 2016Mudcrutch #2 (two bear cubs circling each other)
  27. 2018 American Treasure (black & white image from a lithograph of a photo of TP)
  28. 2019 Best Of Everything (TP staring directly into camera in 1977 (or 1978?), airbrushed to lose cigarette dangling from hand).

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Good question. Dunno, who knows... maybe the guitar is actually yellow 🎸 & so what I misremember seeing is an image with all the red filter removed? 

  • 1996 Cash Unchained (Johnny Cash, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) Johnny Cash & guitar case leaning against a wall of timber planks


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A bakers' dozen plus one (the 4 hour Runnin' Down A Dream) of documentaries focusing on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. 💘 When you search in YouTube for this, there's a marvelous collection posted by Allyn Kessler. Definitely a good place!

There are also other documentaries where they appear or contribute their opinions, such as the excellent Sound City by Dave Grohl and the recent Elvis:The Searcher. There are also extended interviews, which are very similar in scope to documentaries. Anyway.

  1. 1983 Heartbreakers' Beach Party by Cameron Crowe (Crowe credits Tom Petty for giving him his start in making movies.  Highlight = how The Waiting grew & developed. Rob Reiner said that the footage of TPATH coming off stage & losing their way backstage - finding a tennis court, stairs but never their dressing room - inspired him when creating the "Hello Cleveland!!!" scene in Spinal Tap.)
  2. 1985 documentary for Southern Accents. (Driving around Gainesville & playing music in the Florida sun on their hotel roof) 
  3. 1987 Rock Israel (Touring Egypt & Israel with Bob Dylan and Roger McGuinn.)
  4. 1988 Traveling Wilburys (magical images of Bob, George, Jeff, Roy & Tom having so much fun creating their first album)
  5. Bunch of Videos and Other Stuff (Heartbreakers goofing around at various times)
  6. 1991 MTV Rockumentary
  7. 1994 Going Home (Mike Campbell's pig casually walks past Mike as he's being interviewed)
  8. 1995 God Bless Our Mobile Home
  9. 1995 400 Days / Dogs Have Wings tour
  10. 199 Behind The Scenes - making the soundtrack for She's The One (... only 15 mins or so)
  11. 2007 Runnin' Down A Dream 
  12. 2010 Mojo album (....only 15 mins or so)
  13. 2010 Classic Albums series: Damn The Torpedoes. (This is brilliant!!! Watch this, if you're at all interested in how musicians & engineers create & record music in the studio.)
  14. Mike Campbell talking about some of his most beloved guitars (in total this is about 90 mins)

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3 hours ago, Big Blue Sky said:


  • 1996 Cash Unchained (Johnny Cash, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) Johnny Cash & guitar case leaning against a wall of timber planks
  • 1997 Surf-N-Burn by The Blue Stingrays (surfer riding a wave)
  • 2014 You Should Be So Lucky by Benmont Tench (Benmont playing a grand piano)

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13 hours ago, Big Blue Sky said:

Unfortunately for second-hand buyers, people don't discard these readily, so you can't find them in bargain bigs / crate digging very easily.

The truest thing I've ever seen written. I've never had so much trouble finding vinyl than I have for TPATH! Luckily for me I managed to snag some harder-to-find albums at a small, relatively unknown record shop in Nashville 😁

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