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Help make Tom Petty's childhood home a museum

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1 hour ago, Arete411 said:

For now, the Foundation has paused the fundraising effort in light of the Petty family's direct involvement. Updates will be posted at http://www.gmhfi.org/tph/

I was a bit surprised that the estate wouldn't want to run this for such a low buy in price.  Hopefully it proceeds without drama in light of the legal disputes with the music side of things... :( 

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From the website mentioned above. 

Header SpacerPetty Family Home
Help Preserve the Petty House

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by and support the effort to purchase and preserve the Petty Family Home and Tom's legacy. At this time Kevin Beauchamp, the contract holder, has exited his agreement with the Gainesville Music History Foundation Inc. by offering to give his rights to purchase the Petty Family Home to the Petty Family, which at this time does not involve our Foundation. If the Petty family wishes to purchase the home we are in favor of that and support their buying it. Things may change moving forward. If so, we will make an announcement. We had agreed to provide the $20,000 deposit due on the contract this Thursday and that is now on hold until we hear what transpires. So in the mean time we have paused the donation campaign. We will contact each of the people individually who have so kindly donated to the project out of the goodness in their hearts thus far, and we thank them. Please look for news moving forward. Thank you....

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