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Hoodoo Man

Flirting with Thyme and other Petty recipes....

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May we draw inspiration from Mudcrutch, or is the consensus that these crazy marketing ideas haven't spread that far? Surely they deserve only praise - :rolleyes: no-ones ever selling those fellas down the river? 

  • How about spin-off recipe book by Mudcrutch called ...Hungry No More? 


  • Useful Tips section of recipe book: save your water. 
  • Drinks: Ashes In Your Tea. 
  • Snacks: Plain Ol' Sandwich


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13 hours ago, Hoodoo Man said:

In an effort to "Shelter" ;)  the other topics

I always did my best to Shelter all of them... But, let me just say:


When my corn dog barks

And my cannoli sings

I'm out there with Chinner

He's pulling my strings



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13 minutes ago, MaryJanes2ndLastDance said:



1 Luna Bar purchased from grocery store

Step 1

Keep at room temperature

Step 2


Step 3


Serves 1 to 4 people





Epic! 😂🤣😂

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Oh my, cooking with heartbreakers - this could get tasty.  My first thought was "straight into darkness cake" - a deep, dark chocolate cake like this or this. Accompanied by coffee, a bottle of coke, and cigarettes.

I kinda wanna try to create a Dirty Knobs Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Bar Cookie with whiskey and chopped walnuts...sigh. There wouldn't be a lot of these bar cookies to go around, but those who get a taste will want more and more. You might even need to fly to California for a bite of these! 😉

And then I googled and found:  A heartbreak cake?   A melting heart bundt cake?  I'd also suggest you do not search for "Tom Petty Cake" on Pinterest, either. 😁






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